Loans are rarely given to the poorer people in society as they have no collateral meaning that they struggle to find ways to escape the poverty trap. Micro-finance is a proven way of not creating millionaires, but increasing the standard of living for those who need the most help.

One of the greatest ways you can make a difference in Africa is by volunteering for micro finance volunteer program. Volunteer with Microfinance volunteer program in Africa and contribute towards sustainable economic development by providing local individuals, groups and communities with the proper skills training and micro-loans to grow their businesses, create new jobs and help break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Bring your accounting or economics skills and join the Microfinance volunteer program across Africa. This program works mainly with groups of women and youth. The micro-finance initiative offers two approaches to lending; micro-finance cash loans and micro leasing, where a rental fee is paid for an item such as a sewing machine.

Microfinance volunteer program participants help beneficiaries to create small business ideas, basic bookkeeping skills and conduct weekly workshops on topics related to micro-credit, computer literacy and vocation skills training. Join this micro-finance volunteer project to see how it works in the real world.  Learn about the challenges facing the borrowers and micro-finance institutions that are making this a viable lending option for many.

Volunteers help with making business plans, proposal writing, assisting the program directors, visiting the beneficiaries of the loans and interviewing communities that are part of the project. Depending on local needs, volunteers may also become involved in providing business consultations and training on opening savings accounts, running small businesses, evaluating loan applications, performing risk analyses, monitoring projects and overseeing repayment.


SOUTH AFRICA: Women Volunteer Program

SOUTH AFRICA: Women Volunteer Program

Women empowerment volunteer program in South Africa is looking for volunteers to work alongside local teams to improve the living standards of women through microfinance and small scale business training support ventures.  Volunteer with women ...

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