MAURITIUS: Dolphins & Marine Wildlife Volunteering

Mauritius Marine Wildlife Volunteering
Mauritius Marine Wildlife Volunteering

Join our Mauritius Marine Wildlife Volunteering project and take part in a dolphin, sea turtle and coral reef monitoring volunteer initiatives.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to carry out lagoon monitoring (coral reef and fish), beach cleaning, and mangrove planting and monitoring and also working in local community projects on various environmental volunteer projects.

You can volunteer in Mauritius for between 1 week and 12 weeks in duration, and we have places available throughout the year. Individuals, groups and students are all welcome. This is an extraordinary and exciting conservation project, at the forefront of some unique conservation drives.


  • Beach conservation
  • Dolphin and turtles research
  • Data collection
  • Local marine conservation outreaches
  • Monitoring the dolphins
  • Observation of whales during whale season (June to October)
  • Creating awareness through pamphlets and guidelines.
  • Coral Reef monitoring
  • Fish monitoring and recording all human activities which take place within the lagoon

We are actively working to raise awareness amongst the people of Mauritius of the rich marine resources, the core objective being the protection of marine mammals and coral reefs. We are constantly striving at moving forward with our various projects in research, public awareness and conservation, towards achieving a healthy marine environment for the long-term prosperity of Mauritius and its people.


Marine wildlife volunteering project participants in Mauritius will work alongside a our local team whose objectives are to preserve the natural resources from the threat of pollution and destruction due to inconsiderate development and lack of awareness on the island of Mauritius.

The Blue Lagoon and Coral Reef Monitoring program focuses on the protection, preservation and restoration of the marine and coastal environment for the region of Blue Bay and Pointe d’Esny, Mauritius. Volunteers are involved in the monitoring of the reef in the Blue Bay Marine Park and in the

Lagoon Monitoring – involves fish, coral and anthropogenic activity surveys being conducted. We aim to be out on the water most days collecting the valuable data required to try and understand what is happening in the lagoon. This will allow us to inform the local community on the state of their most precious resource, upon which many of them heavily depend.

Mangrove Cleaning – Mangroves protect land against flooding and help to prevent shoreline erosion. Since coral reefs thrive in nutrient-poor waters and mangroves thrive in nutrient-rich waters, mangroves also improve the water quality by purifying the water from wastes and pollutants. Waste is being dumped in the mangroves forest which prevents them from breathing through their roots.  So volunteers are involved in both mangrove cleaning and mangrove planting.

Dolphins Protection – The initiatives are aimed at protecting the island’s dolphin and whale populations. On marine research projects you can work as a marine biology research assistant where you will be involved in data collection as well as monitoring the behavior and population of dolphins, whales and turtles.

This role also includes educating the public on conservation and marine mammals as well as helping to change future legislation to ensure cetacean sustainability. Full training will be provided over a two to eight-week involvement with the research project.

Volunteers should aim to join for a minimum of 2 weeks after which time you will gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the marine environment, be able to implement research methodologies, and gain a further appreciation for current anthropogenic issues influencing the reefs around the Blue Bay Marine Park area. The skills acquired during the program can then be used to further enhance a volunteer’s academic achievements in marine conservation.

If you have a special interest in the conservation of rare species and are interested in doing conservation work on the island of Mauritius, you can join us in Conserving Biodiversity in Mauritius! If you want more than just a ‘normal beach holiday to Mauritius’ and would love to be involved in conservation … join us in our hands-on conservation efforts to keep this tropical island a true paradise through our Mauritius Marine Wildlife Volunteering!


Availability:  Project open all year round
Age Limits: Minimum 18yrs or older
Dates: Flexible start and end dates
Duration: Minimum 2 weeks commitment
Arrival: One day before the start date
Airport Arrival: Airport pickup, meet and greet by GVA partner representative
Airport: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International
Accommodation: Volunteer house
Daily Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Working Days: Monday – Friday – 5 days a week, 3-5 hours in a day
Weekends: Travel / Sightseeing INCLUDED in program cost
Location: Mauritius
Language: English
Support:  Pre-departure guide, In-country staff available 24/7


Item Cost (USD$) Inclusion
1 week $1090
  • Project orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Airport pickup
  • In-country emergency support



  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Airport Drop off (Can be arranged upon request)
2 weeks $1590
3 weeks $2,090
4 weeks $2,590
5 weeks $3,090
6 weeks $3,590
7 weeks $4,090
8 weeks $4,590
9 weeks $5,090
10 weeks $5,590
Extra week ———-


After application process and acceptance into the program, you will be required to pay a placement booking and confirmation administration fee of USD$180 (solo traveler), USD$150 (2-5 participants p/p), USD$125 (6+ participants  p/p). This is charged above the program fee quoted which is paid in cash upon arrival to your host country.

The fee covers: Administration Costs, Placement Booking & Confirmation, Pre-departure support & documentation, 24-hour international HQ back-up

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