If you’re more interested in marine conservation work, Go Volunteer Africa has wonderful opportunities where you can volunteer with sea turtles, loggerheads, sharks and more in Africa. Marine conservation volunteer program will get you up close to the whales, bottlenose dolphins, great white sharks, seals, and more.

marine conservation volunteer program

Volunteers on marine boat trips get the opportunity to observe and record marine wildlife and take fin profile photos – other opportunities to get involved include alien vegetation removal, bird ringing (a catch-record-then release activity), river health assessments, shark and ray egg case collection, beach cleanups, and community education.

On this program, volunteers are invited to work for two weeks or longer to assist local biologists and researchers with conservation efforts. Volunteers can patrol beaches, tag turtles, relocate nests to hatcheries, assist with beach cleanup, and help with community outreach programs.

marine conservation volunteer program

If you’re passionate about protecting our planet, Go Volunteer Africa provides many opportunities for you to do just that through our marine conservation volunteer program. Whether it be protecting animals or their habitats on land or in the deep ocean waters, Go Volunteer Africa offers a diverse list of Conservation Projects to suit many interests.

marine conservation volunteer program

You’ll support environmentalists and scientists, as well as people from local communities. You’ll also get to develop important skills like teamwork, strategy, and communication. Marine conservation projects will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Africa that need to be preserved. A few of your tasks as a volunteer may include observing, analyzing data, cataloguing data and notes, learning to distinguish between species, and helping with outreach.


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