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Madagascar is officially known as the Republic of Madagascar. This country is a huge island country in the Indian Ocean and is located in the coast of Southeast Africa. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar which is the fourth-largest island in the world, as well as numerous smaller islands near this place. A long time ago Madagascar was part of India but this place split from India around 85 million years ago, allowing plants to evolve and native animals in relative isolation.


Madagascar is a very biodiversity hotspot . Over 90 % of its wildlife is found nowhere else in different places in the world. It's home to thousands of animal species, such as lemurs, found nowhere else, plus rainforests, beaches and reefs. Near the busy capital, Antananarivo, is Ambohimanga, a hillside complex of royal palaces and burial grounds, as well as the “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a dirt road lined by massive centuries-old trees.


The island country of Madagascar is a truly unique part of Africa, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply. Many of its people look more Asian than African. GVA Travel Solutions offers tailor made independent travelers and small group tours that open your eyes to the best of this incredible country.



  • Republic of Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, approximately (587,000 2 km). The only larger islands are Borneo, Greenland and New Guinea.

  • Almost all of the plant and animal species found on the Madagascar Island are unique to this island.

  • Madagascar has two seasons, a dry cooler season which starts in May and last until October and a hot rainy season which starts in November and last until April.

  • The capital of this island is Antananarivo. This city is also the Madagascar’s most populated city.

  • The population of Madagascar : 21,290,000.

  • Most of the population or better to say 52% maintain their indigenous religious beliefs, other 41% are Christian and 7% are Islam.

  • Madagascar has two official languages, first is French and second Malagasy.

  • Madagascar Island was under French rule from 1895-1957.

  • The Malagasy Ariary is the currency of Madagascar.
  • The island of Madagascar is called Madagasikara in the Malagasy language. The island’s appellation “Madagascar” is not of local origin but rather was popularized by Europeans in the middle Ages .


From the GVA Travel Solutions office in Kampala, Uganda and our international coordination link in California, U.S.A, we run tours and arrange volunteer work opportunites to Madagascar. With our signature brand of Go Volunteer Africa, we specialize in reliable and meaningful international volunteer, internships, work abroad placements, budget, business and luxury ethical tours in Africa and abroad that make a real difference in local communities.


All our tours and holiday packages are customized and tailor made, to suit the interests of our clients and the needs of the communities we visit in the process. We run tours for solo travelers and groups from 4-25 people! (at 26 we split into two. Average group size is 10 people - Whether your group is part of a mission trip, a corporate team, family, university or just a team of friends). All tours are led by local expert guides that know the destination like the back of the palm and are very passionate about what they do.


We provide a selection of tours, excursions and volunteer projects that allow our clients to not only help those less fortunate but also travel and explore the world. We offer a high level service from day one and ensure that our clients walk away with treasured memories. We strive to provide meaningful and authentic travel experiences to our clients, allowing them to make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate but also to fully enjoy their vacations and holidays. 


Our work directly benefits the communities and animals that are part of adventure trips. 30% of all revenue is channelled back to support the communities and wildlife as vital stakeholders in our initiatives. We strive to be part of the social upliftment of the communities we serve. GVA Travel Solutions is committed to provide security, peace-of-mind and as most comfort as possible to each participant that becomes part of our family. We are here to guide you on your journey. 


GVA is recommended by travelers as the Africa’s leading volunteer and travel organization, and offers the best top packages for families and groups of any kind. We customize all our classic special packages. Our clients trust us to ensure they can explore the world with confidence, knowing they'll be supported at every step of the journey.