Long Term Volunteer Work Africa

Longterm volunteer work Africa
Longterm volunteer work Africa

These long term volunteer work positions are typically referred to charity management jobs to differentiate them from short-term voluntourism trip

Whether you’re looking for a valuable way to give back during your gap year or perhaps just interested in doing something different for a while, long term volunteer work in Africa is an excellent opportunity to give back in a way that is structured, sustainable, and beneficial to everyone involved.

Long Term Volunteer Work is a great way to grow and make a travel experience meaningful. Go Volunteer Africa’s Non-profit organizations partners all over the Africa need volunteers to support local initiatives, so it’s often a win-win opportunity for everyone. In most cases, long term volunteer work opportunities are Free of volunteer program fee or low cost to cover the expenses associated with volunteer’s stay.

This is good news for students and budget travelers! In some cases, we even offer free accommodation, meals, and more.

Long term volunteer work placements require a minimum time commitment that can range from a 12 weeks to 12 months. Specific skills might also be needed, but our host organizations are willing to train volunteers, especially if they take part in long-term programs.

Our partner organization is one of the foundations that host long-term administrative volunteers for free in Uganda to support underprivileged children living in rural areas through educational, cultural, social, and sports projects.

The partner in Uganda relies on its team of local and international volunteers to run its many programs. Working in with us on our long term volunteer opportunities not only gives you a chance to empower the locals but also helps you get a taste of the rich African culture, mingle with the friendly locals, and learn from their unique way of life.

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