Cameroon teaching volunteer project
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CAMEROON: Teaching Volunteer Project

Through our Cameroon teaching volunteer project, you can get involved with a complete range of teaching and development activities in Cameroon. You can help in taking normal classes, assisting the teaching staff, conducting extracurricular activities [Read More]

Malawi teaching volunteer project
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MALAWI: Teaching Volunteer Project

Malawi teaching volunteer project is one of our most popular volunteer programs in Malawi. As a teaching volunteer in Malawi you can teach English, geography, mathematics, physical education and history at community schools. When you [Read More]

Malawi Childcare Volunteer Project

MALAWI: Childcare Volunteer Project

Volunteer with children in our Malawi Childcare Volunteer Project and support the work of local teachers and caregivers at daycare centers or special needs homes in Malawi. You’ll focus on early childhood development, and improving [Read More]

Malawi medical volunteer project
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MALAWI: Medical Volunteer Project

Malawi medical volunteer project offers Pre-med, nursing, and medical students and professionals valuable hands-on medical experience in Malawi. Go Volunteer Africa has medical volunteer opportunities in the hospitals, community clinics and rural health posts. Medical [Read More]

Cameroon medical volunteer project
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CAMEROON: Medical Volunteer Project

Cameroon medical volunteer project is organized for medical students and professionals. Cameroon medical volunteer opportunities are available year-round  and they are suitable for pre-med, medical students, nursing students & professionals. Join our Cameroon medical volunteer [Read More]

Malawi Sports Volunteer Project
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MALAWI: Sports Volunteer Project

If you are a sports lover or physically active person, you can volunteer in Malawi Sports Volunteer Project in Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Balaka, Mangochi and or Zomba. You can volunteer as a sports coaching instructor [Read More]

Malawi wildlife volunteer project
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MALAWI: Wildlife Volunteer Project

Malawi wildlife volunteer project offered by Go Volunteer Africa could be just the way to interact and experience wildlife conservation work in Africa. On this Malawi wildlife volunteer project, our focus is on the protection [Read More]

Malawi Arts and Music Volunteer Project
Arts and Music

MALAWI: Arts & Music Volunteer Project

If art, dance, drama or music is your thing then consider sharing your creative talents on our Malawi arts and music volunteer project. Malawi Arts and Music volunteer project is for designed for volunteers who [Read More]

Kenya Big Cats Elephants Conservation
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KENYA: Big Cats & Elephants Conservation

The Kenya Big Cats & Elephants Conservation Volunteer Project in Maasai Mara Wildlife is a trip of a lifetime! This is a once in a lifetime volunteering opportunity to explore the Maasai Mara Ecosystem, one [Read More]


KENYA: Conservation Volunteer Project

Kenya conservation volunteer project is the perfect volunteer project for anyone looking for a green-conservation project in Africa. The Kenya conservation volunteer program is also an incredible volunteer opportunity to protect the wildlife and to [Read More]

DR Congo Teaching Volunteer Project
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DR CONGO: Teaching Volunteer Project

Through Go Volunteer Africa’s DR Congo teaching volunteer project, you can get involved with a complete range of teaching and development activities in Democratic Republic of Congo. You can help in taking normal classes, assisting [Read More]

Kenya Agriculture Volunteer Project

KENYA: Agriculture Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Kenya agriculture volunteer project focuses on economic and environmental sustainability, adequate farmer incomes, improved food security and social sustainability which important elements of developing countries’ agricultural development. Participants on our Kenya agriculture [Read More]

Kenya Midwifery Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Midwifery Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa has organized a Kenya midwifery volunteer project in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Migori, Kakamega, Kalwe and Turkana. The midwife training volunteer opportunities are available in all the African countries where we place [Read More]

Ghana Sports Coaching Volunteer Project
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GHANA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Volunteer your skills to teach football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, basketball with Go Volunteer Africa’s Ghana sports coaching volunteer project.  If you love sport and adventure, this sports development volunteer program in Ghana, is the best [Read More]

Volunteer in Kenya & Tanzania
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Volunteer in Kenya & Tanzania (Combined)

If you can spare a month or two, Go Volunteer Africa will find you a volunteer service with projects based in Kenya and Tanzania. Go Volunteer Africa provides early childcare, medical, wildlife conservation, marine conservation, [Read More]

2022 Summer Volunteer Programs
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2024 Best Summer Volunteer Programs

Knowledgeable and able-bodied volunteers are in great demand for our 2024 Summer Volunteer Programs across Africa. 2024 Summer volunteer opportunities are available in over 45 program destinations from 2-8 weeks. Go Volunteer Africa’s 2024 summer [Read More]

Eswatini farm work volunteer project

ESWATINI: Farm Work Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Eswatini Farm work volunteer project will give participants an opportunity to get involved in the daily life of your Eswatini locals, help on the farm, learn about sustainability, experience a new culture [Read More]

Eswatini Childcare Volunteer Project

ESWATINI: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Eswatini Childcare volunteer project will see you working alongside fellow volunteers and local staff in a community run day care centre and kindergarten in Eswatini. If you’re someone who loves working with [Read More]