KENYA: Hot Summer Volunteer Holiday Deals

Summer is a lovely time at Go Volunteer Africa in Kenya. Summer is the season when volunteers are ready to travel and join our teams across Kenya and getting involved in a wide range of community development, life changing projects we run. Go Volunteer Africa offers a number of low cost short term summer volunteer holidays deals in Kenya.

Our Kenya Summer Volunteer Holiday deals are fun filled adventure holidays combined with ethical volunteer encounters in Nairobi, Kericho and Mombasa. Summer volunteer opportunities include helping communities and exploring Kenya at the same time. Our Kenya summer volunteer holiday deals gives you an opportunity to explore Kenya’s culture and its bio diversity. You’ll get to combine travel with a meaningful volunteer opportunity to help others.


Volunteer for special needs care in Nairobi

Make a volunteer trip to Kenya this summer with Go Volunteer Africa and support children, teenagers, and adults who need special care and attention due to physical and mental disabilities.

You’ll serve food, clean, and host games and activities. It’s a lot of fun and you see your impact right away. The support centres in Nairobi are understaffed and under-resourced; your work goes a long way in helping those who are unable to receive an education in the mainstream school system.

Volunteer for Youth Empowerment in Nairobi

Join us this summer and help out with this youth empowerment initiative. The main goal of the program is to give youth the tools and confidence to find work and build a brighter future. This is much needed for youth in the city, as their opportunities for success are currently limited. So, you’ll be doing everything from teaching English to hosting vocational workshops to overseeing computer training. It will be eye-opening and rewarding to spend time with the youth and watch them develop the skills necessary to work independently and create a better life for themselves.

Additionally, know that Nairobi is a large city with plenty to do. You can combine your summer volunteering holiday with a safari and day tours.

Do a medical internship in Nairobi or Kericho

If you’re seeking medical internships abroad this summer, look no further than this summer volunteer program in Kenya. Your primary responsibility will be to provide quality medical care to impoverished locals, and could consist of helping out with HIV/AIDS testing, administering immunizations, caring for newborns and mothers, assisting with outpatient care, and more. The benefits of this program are far-reaching with inter-cultural exchange benefitting both locals and participants.

Volunteer on a community project in Mombasa, Nairobi or Kericho

This project combines Swahili learning and work with disadvantaged members of the community in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kericho. Responsibilities will include things like helping children with homework, getting the youth involved in sports, arts, and other activities, working with slum youth and children.

Coach rugby in Nairobi

This project is perfect for fans of rugby. Teach and train local youth from disadvantaged communities rugby skills. Not only will you be helping them discover a passion and build teamwork and discipline, you also will be giving them a healthy activity they can do well into adulthood.

Volunteer in medical care in Nairobi

Are you preparing to work in medicine or already a professional? Make a difference on your summer volunteering holiday in Kenya by volunteering on a medical project. Main tasks include assisting with check-ups, distributing medications, taking vital signs, and providing companionship. Note: for this program, the healthcare placement is for students of health science, pre-med, and nursing, while the medical placement is for licensed professionals.

Volunteer Teaching English or Sports in Kericho

Join us this summer on our sports and education volunteer project in Kericho! Volunteers on these projects provide support to local staff within schools, childcare centers and community centers to help build capacity and increase access to education for youth. This leads to enhanced opportunities for higher education and improved life and career prospects.


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