Impressive Volunteer Program in Uganda

The staff and children of our partner schools in Uganda are looking for volunteers to work with them for three months term of the year. You can teach primary or high school classes, including academic subjects and life skills, and organize sport and art activities for the children. Let us know what you’re interested in teaching and we’ll get you into the best school for you. School terms vary annually but are likely to be: Feb 1 to April 15, May 20 to August 20, Sept 20 to November 30.

Teaching needy and orphaned kids has serious challenges and needs volunteers who are open to local teaching methods but still able to bring creativity and fun into the classroom. You are the outside world to these kids. Schools have a basic curriculum, but you’ll be planning your own lessons daily.

Know that traditional education in Uganda is based on memorization and passing exams. While there is a language barrier, by volunteering you can introduce creative writing, drawing, debate, and life skills into the classroom. Our development partners provide primary and secondary education to needy children, youth mentoring, community outreach and counseling.

The volunteer program in Uganda provides an opportunity to volunteer in a community-based school or educational project in Uganda every month. It offers the possibility to develop personal and professional skills, to work in a team, and to learn about the challenges and opportunities of development in our interconnected world.

All of our volunteer projects in Uganda need volunteers who can bring new ideas, work with minimal supervision, and have a positive, self-starting attitude. The volunteer organizations in Uganda do not need just young volunteers, but older people with business skills and experience. They need those who can sort out bookwork and apply for grants. Just as these projects try to help all members of society, they need all ages of volunteers to help them function.

However, if you prefer something a little less structured that includes camping out and mentoring youth around the campfire then we have a project that promotes the voluntary spirit in Uganda. You would work alongside Ugandan volunteers (youth aged 17 – 27) in programs directly benefiting local communities. Expect to take part in an ever changing schedule made up of public speaking and mentoring youth and youth leaders fighting against HIV/AIDS, public health/hygiene, family planning, condom use/distribution, and creativity workshops promoting small business generation, the importance of basic education, and women’s rights and empowerment.

Basically, you need to decide if you want to live in a town with a bunch of other volunteers or if you want to be more fully immersed and spend your time living and working in the village. If you can spare a month, two or more, Go Volunteer Africa will find you volunteer work with projects based all around Uganda.

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