GVA Immigration Services (GIS) is a subsidiary of GVA Travel and it’s a global immigration company providing specialist immigration services worldwide. GIS provides solutions to visa and work permit for expats and businesses in more than 50 countries worldwide.

GIS offers a full range of immigration services for clients in Africa and abroad. We deal with our clients on a more personal one on one basis whether it is online, on phone or in person.We offer services that range from obtaining a temporary visa for entry into various countries worldwide to permanent residency.

Whether you are looking to immigrate or just visit, we try to find the best approach to best suit your case depending on your immigration needs. We do understand immigrating to a new country is a big step and a life changing experience, and we try to do the best we can to provide you an immigration service that will make a positive impact on your lives.

Our experts understand the complexities of the various immigration systems across the globe and assist expats and businesses ranging from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized companies and start-ups.

Our goal is to provide a type of immigration service that helps you gain more knowledge about immigration, which can help you immigrate in the simplest and most efficient way.

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