Honeyteering Trip to Zanzibar

Honeyteering Zanzibar
Honeyteering Zanzibar

Go Volunteer Africa’s honeyteering trip to Zanzibar island off the east coast of Africa. Go Volunteer Africa organizes and arranges honeyteering volunteer getaway trips for people who want to celebrate their honeymoon in a more meaningful way.

Our Zanzibar honeyteering trip offers a wide range of activities from the funky wild jungle trekking and the pristine beaches, and the island will offer you once in a lifetime memories that you’ll never forget.

If you’re looking for a honeymoon with a twist, you’d be hard pressed to beat Zanzibar, with its extraordinary beaches and culture. And, by building your own bespoke itinerary, it’s possible to create your dream getaway regardless of whether you’re on a careful budget or have cash to splash.

Zanzibar is one of the Africa’s most underrated honeymoon destinations, yet it offers great value for money compared to mainland Africa. From the low and high canopy forest, coral rag and mangroves. These rich forests are home to several endemic and threatened species including the iconic Zanzibar red colobus monkey – one of Africa’s most threatened primates and powder-white beaches, there is a vast amount to see and myriad combinations out there so you can put your own unique spin on this once in a lifetime destination.

Our Zanzibar honeymoon volunteer getaway package can include both community development volunteering experience, wildlife trekking to see the unique flora and fauna, touring the scenic landscapes and relaxing on a gorgeous Indian Ocean beach for you and your partner to relax on.

Unique in so many ways, Zanzibar has romance and adventure written all over it. Golden beaches and enchantingly romantic lodges, it is an unmatchable combination of adventure and sun-kissed idyll. Taking in the beauty of the this rapturous journey provides a truly unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Staying at one of the finest lodges in Zanzibar, you can choose to be as relaxed or as adventurous as you like, but whatever you choose, this idyllic spot provides the quintessential honeymoon backdrop.


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