Tanzania Orphanage Volunteer Work

TANZANIA: Orphanage Volunteer Work

Go Volunteer Africa offers an opportunity to volunteer at orphanage and childcare projects in Tanzania. Our Tanzania Orphanage Volunteer Work program accepts people from all around the world to participate on life changing project in [Read More]

Tanzania Teaching Volunteer Project
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TANZANIA: Teaching Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s teaching volunteer project in Tanzania increases education standards at the local schools we support and teach life skills that will help and empower children to make sustainable improvements within their local communities. [Read More]

Tanzania Community Volunteer program
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TANZANIA: Community Volunteer Program

The aim of Tanzania Community Volunteer program is to provide support for a wide range of capacity building initiatives within the local communities being implemented by our affiliate NGOs.  Tanzania is a known as a [Read More]


TANZANIA: Medical Volunteering Project

If are you a medical professional or student looking for a medical volunteering project in Tanzania, Go Volunteer Africa offers unique medical and healthcare volunteering and internship opportunities to Pre-med, nursing, and medical students and [Read More]