RWANDA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Through our sports coaching volunteer project in Rwanda, Go Volunteer Africa is aiming at enhancing the physical, social and emotional development of children and youth in Rwanda. The program provides at-risk children and youth a [Read More]

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RWANDA: Women Empowerment Volunteer Project

As in many countries around the world, women in Rwanda face a number of challenges: discrimination, unequal rights, poverty, low social status, low literacy rates, limited access to education and greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection. [Read More]

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RWANDA: Teaching Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s teaching volunteer project in Rwanda focuses on English language classes, international cultural exchanges and educational murals, plus it provides GCSE groups to help high school students pass their GCSE’s exams.  These initiatives [Read More]

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Top Go Volunteer Rwanda Opportunities

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer Rwanda opportunities range from games and sports coaching, women empowerment, youth work, English teaching and childcare activities in Kigali. Immerse yourself in Rwandan life and explore the beautiful Kigali. Whether you volunteer [Read More]