Family Volunteering Projects

Voluntary work overseas has been traditionally for those who don’t have children. Through Go Volunteer Africa you can volunteer in Africa with your Family!

Family Volunteering is a fantastic way to travel the world, provide an educational experience, and give back to the places you visit at the same time. Explore new cultures and environments, and give your kids a true hands-on understanding of the wildlife and communities you meet. Go Volunteer Africa can bring you on an unforgettable family volunteering experience in Africa.

There are multiple family volunteering projects in Africa that can host families as the work engages volunteers to develop communities and gain hands-on experience, such as orphanage care, refugee support, construction work to teaching and working with children in preschools. Most of this work can be undertaken by parents whilst the children learn and take part. Family volunteering projects often takes place over week, leaving the weekends to engage in beneficial recreational activities, boat riding and so on.

Family volunteering projects are something special you can all do together to help teach your kids about thinking larger than themselves. Whether there are two of you or you have a big extended family, if you combine efforts to help others – that’s volunteering!

Besides the wonderful benefits to host community, there are many benefits for your family. Research suggests that engaging parents and their children in service together has important positive outcomes for everyone involved.  

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