Do You Need Volunteers for Your Organization?

organization looking for volunteers

Go Volunteer Africa is in contact with hundreds of organizations which rely on volunteers to deliver humanitarian services across Africa. If you are an organization looking for volunteers or already involving volunteers, we can support you in recruiting and managing them regardless of the services you provide or your location in Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa runs a volunteer recruitment and referral system dedicated to support all organizations in Africa, even those based in countries where we do not have offices. If you involve volunteers in your organization, we can connect you with volunteers from all over the world.

Here is the best bit:

Once you have registered your organization’s profile and provided us with details of your volunteer program needs, you can start getting volunteers between 8-12 weeks. You will receive a notification email whenever a volunteer is interested in your volunteering opportunities.

If you have not already registered your own organization, you will find that the process is very easy and straight-forward; just follow the prompts on the website. If you have any problems with registering e-mail:

organization looking for volunteers

In the section on your organization:

  • please ensure that your contact details are correct
  • that you have entered your organization’s main purpose or mission statement
  • you have ticked the geographical area/s in which you operate
  • you have ticked all the appropriate interests that your organization covers

If you have any questions about our volunteer recruitment and referral work. Contact Us.

For more information about how to partner with Go Volunteer Africa and what is means for you and your organization you can follow our social media and see the impact we make.

organization looking for volunteers

Quick Facts about Go Volunteer Africa:

Go Volunteer Africa is the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa. Operating like a volunteer centre for Africa, we were ranked as the best volunteer organization in Africa. We are here to serve you if your organization is looking for volunteers

Go Volunteer Africa is among the top NGOs looking for volunteers in Africa. We promote volunteering opportunities through our website, social media and our newsletter.

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