Unique 10 Days Djibouti Tours Experience

The Republic of Djibouti is located in the region of Horn of Africa in East Africa. Djibouti definitely falls into the category of small things that have a big pay-off. Whether you love outdoor adventures inside a real African jungle or indoor delights with rich African cultural artifacts, Djibouti is undoubtedly a perfect choice for you.

Go Volunteer Africa’s tailor-made Unique 10 Days Djibouti Tours Experience will take you on a voyage of discovery to the little-known landscapes, cities and historic sites of Djibouti. Djibouti is one of the smallest countries in Africa, but it stands out as one of Africa’s best travel destinations. Djibouti offers a lot to its visitors, from thrilling landscapes, to volcanoes, sinking plains, limestone chimneys with steam coming from the top, salt lakes, grand canyons, and gorgeous plateaus.

Participants on this unique 10 days Djibouti tour experience will spend time in vibrant Djibouti City before heading off to Lake Abbé, Moucha Island, Day Forest National Park, Grand Bara Desert, Goda Mountains, Lake Assal and so much more. For those that love outdoor adventure, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy here.  Enjoy snorkeling with the sharks, diving, kite surfing, and hiking. Djibouti has always been one of the best places in the world for diving and Go Volunteer Africa and its tour operator are well organized and prepared for sea tours.

Go Volunteer Africa allows you to plan your trip in your own preferred way. At Go Volunteer Africa, we don’t offer pre-arranged itinerary, we offer bespoke holiday packages. The itinerary will be right as per your need. Our tailor-made holidays are designed to allow you see and experience new places, to expand your knowledge and help you appreciate the cultural heritage, landscapes, wildlife and most of all the people of the countries you are visiting.

Go Volunteer Africa created this unique travel deal to individually suit your style, taste and budget. Travelling at your own pace, seeing exactly the places you would love to, and spending as much time at each site as you wish, staying at a hand-picked selection of accommodation to suit your taste and budgets and eating out at the best local restaurants.

Here are the top places to visit in Djibouti during your time with us on this unique adventure tour.

Lake Abbe

Lake Abbe is a salt lake lying on the Ethiopia-Djibouti border within 154 km from Djibouti City. It is one of a chain of six connected lakes which includes lakes Gargori, Laitali, Gummare, Bario and Afambo covering an area of 450 km².

Moucha Island

Moucha Island located with 15 km from Djibouti City is a small coral island off the coast of Djibouti. It is located at the center of the Gulf of Tadjoura with a length of 3 km

Day Forest National Park

Day Forest National Park is located within 53 km from Djibouti City in Goda Mountains. It protects an important forest island in a sea of semi-desert with endemic plant species which include: Juniperus procera, Olea africana, Buxus hildebrantii and Tarchonanthus camphoratus.

Grand Bara Desert

The Grand Bara Desert is located within 44 km from Djibouti city in Northeast Africa desert which covers parts of the South Djibouti in Arta Region. Grand Bara is one of the flattest stretches of barren desert in the entire world.

Goda Mountains

The Goda Mountains lie northwest of the Gulf of Tadjoura Region within 169 km from Djibouti City. They rise to 1,750 metres and are the nation’s largest heavily vegetated area.

Grande Pecherie

This waterfront fish market is an early morning tradition for people from Djibouti City and it is located within 10 km from the City.

Khor Ambado Beach

This cool beach in Tadjoura Bay, ideal for swimming and snorkelling and it is a respite from the oppressive heat.


Tadjoura is one of the oldest mosques in the Horn of Africa dating back to the 12th century located within the centre of Tadhjoura Town.

Dolphin Excursions Djibouti

Dolphin Excursions are the only PADI Gold Palm accredited dive centre located in Djibouti Town. Was established since 2000 and offers a variety of diving and snorkelling full day trips

Central Square

Central is found within Djibouti City with some pretty nice sun tanning and with a good place for rest and relaxation.

Lake Assal

Lac Assal is 150m below sea level and is an aquatic wilderness surrounded by dormant volcanoes and black lava fields. Situated within 10 km west from the capital.

Hot Spring

Close to Lac Assal is a naturally Hot Spring coming from the hill and forming a pool in front.

Gulf of the Demons

The Gulf of the Demons or Bay of Ghoubet is connected to the Gulf of Tadjoura by a narrow inlet 750m long. The bay is thought to be 200m deep and is surrounded by volcanic rock which makes the water look very black and sinister

Animal Refuge – Stroke a Cheetah

The Animal Refuge is about 8km from Djibouti City. Animals here include; cheetah Zebra, Oryx, Antelopes, Hyena and Ostrich.

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This tour is customizable to suit the needs of individual, family, friends, and larger group travelers. What you have to do is just inform us where and when you want to go. We will show you how to go with the most economical and yet luxurious option.

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