Corporate Volunteering Projects

Businesses are giving more than financial support to the communities in need. They are offering their most valuable asset: their employees’ time.

Employer supported volunteering, or corporate volunteering, is growing in popularity, with companies recognizing their responsibilities to their stakeholders and the impact that they have on the needy communities through their Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Go Volunteer Africa’s Corporate volunteering projects provides a great platform to engage staff with the non-profit community in Africa, which can benefit the employee, employer and, of course, community in need.

Volunteering as a company team can be perfect for your company. Corporate volunteer projects offers a great bonding experience, and an excellent way to learn more about the individual members of your team while making a positive difference in the communities in Africa.

Volunteers can learn important skills like teamwork, personal development, and leadership while giving service. At Go Volunteer Africa we have a number of corporate volunteer opportunities that are open and willing to accommodate large groups of 10 or more.

 Contact us for more information on how you can engage your company in Corporate volunteering projects.

Benefits of corporate volunteering:

For business

  • Increased company pride and loyalty from staff.
  • Heightened and positive recognition by customers and consumers.
  • Improved staff morale, motivation, team spirit and initiative.
  • Enhanced workplace relationships and unique opportunities for staff to work with people from different areas and levels of their organization.
  • Better employee attendance, recruitment and retention.
  • New skill development opportunities for staff.
  • New business opportunities.
  • Improved triple bottom line.
  • A more positive corporate image.
  • Transformative relationships between the company and the local community.

For employees

  • A sense of personal satisfaction, fun and fulfillment.
  • New learning experiences outside normal job parameters.
  • Improved communication and teamwork.
  • Opportunities to meet new people and explore new situations and challenges.
  • Unique opportunities to interact with people from other areas of the company.
  • New and more positive perceptions of career, workplace, peers and management teams.
  • Pathways to community involvement for employees reaching retirement age or considering part-time employment.

If you are a company and you would like to arrange a volunteer trip for your team, please contact us.