Construction Volunteer Projects

Go Volunteer Africa’s Volunteers who indicate their desire to work in construction enjoy a wide variety of projects to choose from every week. Our Volunteers may choose to work on different projects every week or, alternatively, work on various stages of one project through to completion (assuming they are able to stay throughout the duration of the project).

Although certain projects often present unique needs and challenges, there are several core areas (and corresponding activities) you will likely find yourself contributing to at some point during your service as a GVA Construction Volunteer: Site Preparation (demolition, digging foundations, clearing rubble, etc.), Building (Mixing and pouring concrete, bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, etc.), or Community Beautification (planting trees, landscaping, community cleanups, painting murals, etc.).  Whatever your interest, rest assured you’ll get your hands dirty from the start!

Discover the vast and fascinating continent of Africa while you get involved in community construction projects in different host communities. Depending on the needs on the ground at any given time, you will work alongside community members to help improve community education by classroom construction or improvement of healthcare by construction of clinics.

Go Volunteer Africa places international volunteers in the areas most in need of help to construct or repair necessary buildings. These projects are usually funded by local communities and/or volunteer contributions, and may include building or repairs on bathrooms, toilets, classrooms, gardens and health clinics.

All our programs are safe, affordable and meaningful, full of adventure and best experiences. Construction Volunteers Projects are available in: Uganda, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana and Malawi.

Africa is one of those rare destinations in the world that seems to have the unique combination of natural beauty, intriguing history, and vibrant culture and much of this continent still remains wild and uncharted.

Experience meaningful travel while working hand in hand with local communities. With destinations across Africa, Go Volunteer Africa specializes in reliable and challenging international volunteer placements abroad that make a real difference in local communities.

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