Conservation Volunteer Projects

By volunteering with Go Volunteer Africa under the Conservation volunteer projects, you will make a major contribution to the wildlife or environment conservation projects around Africa. Go Volunteer Africa connects volunteers in Africa with nature through conservation volunteering opportunities.

We have a number of Conservation Volunteer projects in Africa for wildlife and environment. Join Go Volunteer Africa as a conservation volunteer in Africa and you will have an incredible time working on a sustainable project on a range of activities. Most of the projects are small, simple diy builds. We worked together with the site to get the easy to build and work on projects that do not require high amounts of experience. They even take into account use of power tools, and for which purpose, so that almost anyone who wants to volunteer is able to do it.

Working with the local community and the inspiring people who run Go Volunteer Africa is an opportunity of a lifetime! No previous experience is required but you will need to be willing and enthusiastic. A strong interest in conservation, environment and wildlife is recommended.

You will need to be physically fit, able to tolerate high temperatures and humidity, work well within a team and be adaptable to living and working in a group. As a volunteer you will spend days working with the wildlife, marine or ecological projects. Duties vary from project to project.

Take part in one of our volunteer Conservation projects in Africa and contribute to ongoing environmental and wildlife protection efforts. Our volunteer Conservation Program aims to develop initiatives that support biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources and wildlife. There are many programs and initiatives carried during your stay in Africa.

If you are passionate about eco-volunteering and want to support environmental or you want to volunteer with animals or marine related projects in Africa?

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