Community Development volunteering Projects in Kenya

volunteering Projects in Kenya
volunteering Projects in Kenya

Community development volunteering projects in Kenya are some of the most diverse and rewarding volunteering experiences, providing volunteers to get involved with a huge range of activities from construction, outreaches and even environmental conservation.

Whether a volunteer is working in a women’s shelter, youth activities or elderly social centre or with remote bush tribes, community development volunteering offers the chance to discover many different aspects of volunteering and make a truly positive impact on the lives of others.

On this project volunteers prefer to be helping a Kenyan community move towards a brighter and healthier future, and they can become involved in many different capacities. Working within the community, helping people that are less fortunate, and experiencing traditional Kenyan culture are just some of the wonderful experiences they will take away from this placement.

Projects can be diverse and it might be a rural community to improve on their healthcare, working with orphans to improve their standard of living, building a community school, or just participate in the community outreaches organized by our Coordinators or helping youth with their ventures.

On first arrival, most volunteers sample all the projects before selecting the tasks that suit them best. The type of work, volunteers get involved with will be dependent on their interests, abilities, level of experience as well as their comfort levels.

One of the advantages of the Community project is that they are not limited to one job role and will have the opportunity to ‘sample’ other roles during the placement. To become involved in another projects they simply inform a member of staff who will happily make any necessary arrangements.

This is a very hands on, hands dirty sort of program. Enthusiasm, a good sense of humor and helping spirit are required.

Go Volunteer Africa offers over 20 community-driven development programs in healthcare, education, sports and coaching, childcare, social services, women empowerment, wildlife conservation, construction, environmental protection and social services in Kenya alone.

Whether you are interested in volunteering with an orphanage, HIV/AIDS project, wildlife, Conservation, or just culture exchange in Kenya, we can help you find suitable volunteer work in Kenya.

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