BURUNDI: 7 days Burundi Volunteer Tours and Safaris

Burundi Tours and Safaris
Burundi Tours and Safaris

Burundi Tours and Safaris organized by Go Volunteer Africa are the most affordable and high quality tours and safaris in Burundi. By booking a Burundi tour or safari with us, you are seizing an opportunity to explore the country and you can even do a combined trip with us by joining our volunteer work in Burundi.

Burundi’s geographical position has given it the name of the “Heart of Africa”. The Congo Nile Divide north of the country shares the same mountainous geography as Rwanda. To the south are tropical sandy beaches, perfect for admiring the Blue Mountains of the Congo, on the opposite side of Lake Tanganyika.

This tiny country boasts 690 bird species (including Albertine Rift endemics), national parks of Sitatunga antelope, hippos and crocodiles; cascading waterfalls and some of the best drummers in Africa.

Set on the 800 km long Lake Tanganyika, the deepest lake in the world, is the former capital Bujumbura. It combines French colonial town planning and wide boulevards with vibrant African street markets and hand-painted shop signs, full of character. Burundi’s hospitality and tourism infrastructure has been developing over the last few years.

Thanks to its lovely climate, Lake Tanganyika is popular for water skiing, sailing, fishing and swimming throughout the year. Bujumbura’s restaurants, bars and lake beachside parties are some of the best in East Africa. Burundian cuisine fuses typical African food, with a French influence and includes a good selection of fresh fish. Burundian hospitality is legendary.


  • Bujumbura city tour and nightlife
  • Lake Tanganyika’s beaches
  • Boat trip on Ruzizi River
  • 690 bird species
  • 8 National Parks and Reserves
  • Walk in footsteps of explorers Stanley and Livingstone
  • Source of the Nile and Karera Waterfalls
  • Gishora Drum Sanctuary drummers
  • Forest walk in Kigwena National Reserve

We can plan for you a tailor made Burundi Tour & Safari when you choose Go Volunteer Africa & Safaris. For detailed Burundi itineraries and costs – customized to your specification and price range – please contact us.

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