BOTSWANA: Volunteering Safaris & Community Work

Botswana Volunteering Safaris
Botswana Volunteering Safaris

There are so many unique volunteer projects in Botswana where you can give back and experience the highlights of this beautiful country. Go Volunteer Africa offers low cost Botswana volunteering safaris with non-profit organizations and animal sanctuaries. For many, a highlight of their elevate safari is the chance to get involved locally and lend a hand. We partner with inspiring, community-based non-profits who welcome travelers to help with both social and environmental projects. We get doers like you involved effectively. Everybody wins!

Embarking on a Botswana volunteering safari organized by Go Volunteer Africa allows you to experience two sides of a fascinating country – its local people and its world-renowned safari offerings. You’ll get involved with meaningful grassroots projects then unpack your binoculars for a first-class, eco-luxury safari.

We design volunteer journeys in Botswana with heart that will take you inside the lives and landscapes of this country. Check off the big 5, and leave knowing you’ve made a real difference where it matters. There are so many amazing volunteer programs in Botswana available and it’s not every day that you get to live and help in a country that is awash with exotic wildlife and natural beauty.

Many people that participate are forever changed by their experience – not only because you get to take part in inspiring projects that help, but because you are able to soak up the lifestyle, culture and environment that you are in. Go Volunteer Africa projects are operated in the capital Gaborone and the Northern Tuli Game Reserve and allow you to give back and really make a difference. So no matter what your experience in the past and what you want to do in the future there is always an excuse to get out to sunny Botswana and take part in a life changing experience.


Conservation & Animal Volunteer Projects in Botswana

Apply to join projects where you can help wildlife and the environment. Working with animals like elephants and leopards and keeping them safe from poachers is a magical experience. You can partake in hands-on conservation in the African wilderness. Days are spent out in vehicles or on foot tracking and monitoring the area’s amazing wildlife, and evenings in true bush style, by a camp fire under the star-lit sky in a wonderful, rustic river-side camp.

These projects offer a truly rustic African experience. Based in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, bordering the great Limpopo River in the eastern part of Botswana, and home to more than 1800 elephants, the isolated location and sheer size of the area means little is known about the wildlife within. You will get the opportunity to study wild animals in this wilderness environment including eland, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, kudu, impala as well as the predator population of lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and spotted and brown hyena and to collate scientific data to be used in other research projects in Africa and beyond.

Expect a really hands-on experience, during this experience you will be given practical instruction in wildlife tracking, animal behavior, bird and plant identification and astronomy and will spend their days out in vehicles or foot tracking and monitoring the amazing African wildlife in this area. Go Volunteer Africa is also actively involved with local schools and operates week camps for the local children, helping them to develop an interest in conserving these fragile ecosystems in the future.

Community Volunteering Projects in Botswana

Botswana has a lot of people infected with HIV and Aids, many children have been left without parents and orphanages are run to house the young population. Children often live in really harsh conditions and you can do a bit to help if building projects don’t interest you. Many orphanages and community development initiatives in Botswana are really understaffed and could do with skilled and un-skilled volunteers to help with daily activities and teaching programs.

You could work with children in a semi-urban and rural communities where you will be able to certainly see and experience more than just your average holiday experience. There are various teaching placements to apply for, education standards in this destination are not high and you could work with local teachers improving children’s English or helping with fun games. There are also various conservation initiatives available where you can help, track, monitor and help animals living in the wild.

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