Be part of it with Go Volunteer Africa

Imagine seeing the world differently…Imagine finding a travel organization which offers a wide range of meaningful travel opportunities in 50 program destinations across Africa, imagine taking your pick from volunteer projects, teaching and social welfare programs, work experience internships and language/culture immersion programs. Do more than imagine – Make It Happen. Inquire about our meaningful travel opportunities.

Experience meaningful travel while working hand in hand with local communities. With destinations across Africa, Go Volunteer Africa specializes in reliable and challenging international volunteer placements abroad that make a real difference in local communities.

Kenya Slum Volunteer Opportunities

Travel with purpose! Volunteering abroad Africa programs allows you to experience a country in a different manner than any other travel opportunity. It provides a fun adventure packed with rich ingredients that will not only make you feel good, but will improve the lives of others. Volunteering provides real work experience that will build skills and offer something substantial to employers. It might even change your life!

Build an international social and job network like no other: Meet other volunteers, and work with local citizens and professionals also striving to make beneficial improvements to their communities.

Go Volunteer Africa is an experiential learning program that combines international travel, inter-cultural exchange, adventure, volunteer community service work, and homestays.

For more information on how to get enrolled for the volunteering experience of a lifetime, email us at:  or give us a call | WhatsApp | Telegram | Viber | Imo at +254-796-786292 to talk to a Program Specialist.