Go Volunteer Africa provides meaningful affordable volunteer programs in Africa all year round, but we have realized that many people prefer to travel and volunteer in Africa during the summer holiday. The summer volunteering programs in Africa are designed to give volunteers meaningful volunteering and travel opportunities as well as connect you to the cultural, the people and the total diversity of the African continent.

Summer Holidays Getaway
Summer Holidays Getaway

Go Volunteer Africa summer volunteer travel programs will bring you an unforgettable cultural and meaningful life changing volunteering experience. The participants of the summer volunteer travel program will get involved in meaningful sustainable development projects in Africa and explore the sights of host country.

Go Volunteer Africa is the leading volunteer and travel organization in Africa, offering the best extremely affordable and low cost summer volunteer travel programs. While almost all African countries are fabulous to visit year-round, because of their warm tropical climate, pristine beaches, lush hiking trails, and a laid-back atmosphere, summer months tend to offer perfect opportunities to really immerse yourself in the destination.


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Go Volunteer Africa’s summer volunteer opportunities are perfect for all types of travelers from students, family, solo adventure seekers and retirees. Let’s explore Africa, the home of the best unexploited white sandy beaches.

Africa is a great summer vacation destination, whether you want a relaxing beach vacation, a bustling city excursion, or a trip that combines both or whether you are just interested in giving back to communities in need- we have everything in one package.

Go Volunteer Africa is giving you a great opportunity to contribute positively to local communities in Africa, while developing new skills and making friends during your time volunteering in Africa. Although you can volunteer in Africa anytime of the year with Go Volunteer Africa, there is no better time than the summer months to get your butt on a plane and begin helping others.

If you like to read and children, then consider getting involved with teaching volunteer program in Africaif your passion is in sports, then our sports coaching volunteer program will then be perfect match, if your passion is environment conservation, then you will have the best experience ever and so many other programs. You will be able to serve and observe, and your host community will really use and appreciate your time. If you are present and flexible in any environment, your impact will truly shake the world.

The Africa summer volunteer placement will run for a period of 1-8 weeks, between the months June, July, August, September and October and they will provide an unforgettable lifetime experience. Grab this exclusive summer volunteer travel deal now. We offer unbeatable volunteer in Africa travel deals for all season. Book now and save!

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