Experience a magical sunny Christmas in Africa with Go Volunteer Africa Christmas holiday volunteer programs package. Select from a variety of destinations selected especially for Christmas holiday volunteering. The best Christmas holiday volunteer programs in Africa are meaningful, inclusive, and filled with warmth and cheer experiences.

If you’re planning a Christmas getaway this year, choose one of our programs and destinations and have a memorable meaningful experience. We’ve picked the best Christmas getaway destinations to make the most of the festive season. Celebrate the festive season in style by volunteering in Africa with Go Volunteer Africa! Make this festive season truly magical by celebrating it in Africa giving back to communities in need.

Christmas Family Holidays
Christmas Family Holidays

If you would like to spend time volunteering in Africa we have opportunities for building, community outreaches on HIV/AIDS Awareness, organizing games and sports, working with women in crafts projects and childcare projects.

The beneficiaries of our projects will welcome you into their community with open arms. You will be made to feel at home and you will taste all the different cultural foods, see their dancing and have the opportunity to join in.


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The local people always enjoy having visitors and will be very friendly towards you. They can take you for walks to see the monkeys and you can learn about the various local medicinal plants.

Africa has plenty for you this Christmas to be doing and seeing during your time off, from white water rafting to on foot safaris. If you are interested in volunteering with us this Christmas, choose a project and apply. We shall be very happy to talk to you as soon as possible!

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