5 Zanzibar Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in Zanzibar and get to know a fascinating island rich in culture, colors and exotic spices. Many projects are located in the capital Zanzibar city, but there are numerous volunteer opportunities in rural areas as well!

Use your teaching skills and volunteer at orphanages or care for underprivileged children in Zanzibar. Or do you search for a medical volunteer opportunity in Zanzibar? Perfect, help at a healthcare project and gain valuable work experience abroad. Women’s empowerment is also an important issue: fight persisting inequalities and transfer your precious business knowledge for an aspiring female Zanzibari generation.

Volunteering in Zanzibar is an amazing experience. If you decide to travel and do voluntary work in Zanzibar to support a local social project and their cause, you will be surprised by how much the island has to offer. It is home to a vast array of cultures, and breathtaking sceneries that are unique to this corner of the earth.

Get to know Zanzibar as the diverse and culturally rich country that it is and experience everything Zanzibar has to offer – from its traditions and colorful festivals to spicy dishes and great music. Being a volunteer in Zanzibar will be a great experience for you, and we want you to be prepared for your travel. That’s why we are here to help you find out about the available volunteer projects in Zanzibar. The opportunities are as varied as the island itself so there will be the right thing for everybody. Let’s get started!

  1. Wildlife & Marine conservation

As a volunteer in Zanzibar, you can get involved in wildlife and marine conservation efforts and help endangered marine life. The wealth and variety of the local wildlife population provide perfect volunteer opportunities in Zanzibar. There you can get involved with all sorts of wildlife and marine conservations. Your contribution as a volunteer in Zanzibar will help biologists perform monitoring and research of the local wildlife.

If you want to explore Zanzibar’s fauna and biodiversity then volunteering in Zanzibar is the perfect program for you.

  1. Women empowerment

Zanzibar is a fundamentally male dominated society in which many women have limited access to education and employment. The predetermined gender roles that shape the lives of many women often push them towards domesticated and subordinate lifestyles.

Women in Zanzibar are among the most disadvantaged in terms of decision making power and access to development opportunities. But did you know that rural women are active agents of economic and social change? Studies show that they are leading in environmental protection and are, in many ways and to various degrees, thriving in their roles as farmers, producers, caregivers.

This is why volunteer programs in Zanzibar also include women empowerment since these are in need of international volunteers to assist, educate and provide professional training especially for women who live in:

Education is the most influential tool to raise the status of women in developing countries. Once a woman perceives herself as belonging to a group – of students or workers (outside the family) she starts to see herself as a worthy and valuable contributor in society. This increases self-worth and paves the way for the eradication of gender inequalities. Hence, volunteer work in Zanzibar has to involve the topic of women empowerment as well.

  1. Working at an orphanage

Before you decide for one of the volunteer programs in Zanzibar which is involved with orphanages, make sure you are prepared for your task and understand what to expect. While working with orphans might sound noble at first, it is important to realize that many of these children have experienced violence or abuse and are traumatized. For this reason, it is essential that volunteers MUST have appropriate skills. If not you could be putting yourself and the children at risk.

  1. Teaching in Zanzibar

Even though Zanzibar (being part of Tanzania) can register a rising education, there is still a lot of potential and need for international volunteers to support local schools, especially in rural areas. Although there are many initiatives to work on the issue of poor education, it is still a concern in Zanzibar. Projects focused on assisting with educational initiatives provide local children the opportunity for a better education. This is a great chance for children who couldn’t afford to go to school otherwise.

Volunteering as a teacher and mentor for these kids is not only very rewarding, it will also help you grow as a person.

In some volunteer programs in Zanzibar, you can find yourself teaching in an open-air classroom and the need for creativity and improvisation is paramount. As a volunteer in Zanzibar in the field of education you will be working in a team and if you have the necessary skills you might get the chance to plan classes independently. If you decide to work as an English teacher you will help in improving the vocabulary as well as spoken English skills of the students. We recommend you to make use of your creativity to organize educational games to play with the children.

  1. Medical and healthcare

The previously mentioned problems like poor sanitation and the lack of sanitary sources for drinkable water are some of the reasons that Zanzibar fights against a lot of water borne diseases. Being a volunteer in health care can be a great opportunity for you to really make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate and offer you some hands-on medical experience. Coming from a medical background, your help is always well received. As a volunteer in Zanzibar you can join many projects in areas such as: Health education, Hospital placements, Dentistry, Nursing, Medical and healthcare internships

Volunteer opportunities in Zanzibar are endless, so there will definitely a program that suits you.


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