4 Major Advantages of Volunteers

Major Advantages of Volunteers
Major Advantages of Volunteers

Maybe you’re not sold on the merits and major advantages of volunteers, at least for your organization. “Volunteers are too much trouble,” you might think; “they’re not reliable; it takes too long to train them, and once you do, they just leave. Also, we’re liable for their actions–that’s a problem that we just don’t need right now. It’s easier to do our work with paid staff.”

Despite these challenges, however, consider some of the different advantages of using volunteers as part of a thoughtfully developed plan.

  • Volunteers bring money– All the volunteers we send to organization are self supporting and actually do separate fundraising for our partner projects as a direct contribution towards the cause
  • Volunteers save money. This obvious advantage of volunteers can be a lifesaver for some organizations. Many organizations, function almost entirely on volunteer labor–and by doing so, they can to do a lot of very good work without a lot of money.
  • Volunteers bring needed skills. Many volunteers have specialized knowledge such as computer programming, advertising, or conflict mediation that your organization occasionally needs, but not often enough to hire someone to do the work full-time. A volunteer who donates his or her skills on an “as-needed” basis can be the perfect complement to your office staff.
  • Volunteers bring renewed energy and excitement. Even the most dedicated people can get burnt out working on the same thing when they are doing it 40 (or more) hours a week. Volunteers can bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for the work. This can help revitalize staff, and may help move projects in exciting new directions.

So if you need energetic, creative, developmental volunteers for a project or distinct chunk of work (work-camp) within your organization… Go Volunteer Africa can help you

Our only criteria for volunteer work are:

  • That the work has a tangible result (e.g. volunteers can see the 100 trees they’ve planted, or volunteers get to interact directly with the beneficiaries of your organization (e.g. play games with children you serve). This means that we can’t help you with fundraising or marketing unless it also ticks one of the above requirements.
  • The project must be able to be completed within about one week to 3 months (or if it’s a massive project you might like to break it into a series of weekly projects).

Once you’ve given us all the details of the volunteer program, we’ll review everything, potentially ask some clarifying questions and soon an enthusiastic and organized group of volunteers will appear on your doorstep.

If the volunteers have a good time there is always the potential for them to come back again on their own and become regular volunteers with your organization. We’re actually building ways of making this happen more.

Please note that our volunteers won’t necessarily have any specialist skills, so if you need them to do anything a bit complicated (ie: plant a tree the right way), please make sure you have someone on hand to guide them through any possible difficulties.

We specialize in helping non-profit organizations find volunteers for projects in Africa. Whether you need 2 volunteers or 20 volunteers, we’re here to help. 

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