Togo Summer Volunteer Opportunities
2 Weeks Specials

TOGO: Summer Volunteer Opportunities

These Togo summer volunteer opportunities are perfect for students who only have a few weeks off between semesters, as well as working adults with limited vacation time. If you are a retiree, lucky you! Let’s explore the [Read More]

Sports Volunteering Project Uganda
2 Weeks Specials

14 Days Sports Volunteering Project Uganda

This 14 days Sports Volunteering Project Uganda, will take you to the heart of Uganda where you get involved in meaningful volunteer work. We ask volunteers interested in the Uganda games and sports volunteer work [Read More]

safari volunteering Kenya
2 Weeks Specials

KENYA: 15 Days Masai Mara Safari Volunteering

We created this unique Masai Mara Safari and volunteering Kenya trip experience for the adventurous traveler. During this safari volunteering Kenya trip, you can enjoy Kenya’s finest wildlife spot-Masai- Mara at an affordable rate while [Read More]