Keen to visit and volunteer in Senegal? You are in the right place. Join inspiring volunteer projects in Senegal where you can help disadvantaged communities, children, wildlife and the environment. Go Volunteer Africa’s Volunteering in Senegal program is in need for volunteers to help all year round – this will be a life changing experience.

Sometimes when people are looking to volunteer in Africa, they often overlook Senegal. At Go Volunteer Africa we are offering volunteer placements in Senegal to both English and French speakers. Go Volunteer Africa offers a range of volunteer programs in Senegal to choose from all year round. As a volunteer in our volunteer projects in Senegal you will experience world class modern cities, beautiful beaches and friendly natives.

Senegal known as the “Gateway to Africa” is a country in western Africa with an Atlantic Ocean coastline, the country has an area of 196,712 sq. km. The country lies at an ecological boundary where semiarid grassland, oceanfront, and tropical rainforest converge. This diverse environment has endowed Senegal with a wide variety of plant and animal life. It is from this rich natural heritage that the country’s national symbols were chosen: the baobab tree and the lion.

Neighboring countries include The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and Mauritania. Senegal’s geography is mostly flat, and the northern border is formed by the Senegal River. The Gambia, occupies a narrow sliver of land along the banks of the Gambia River, which separates Senegal’s southern region of Casamance from the rest of the country. Senegal also shares a maritime border with Cape Verde.

Go Volunteer Africa allows you to give back to communities in Senegal while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history of this stunningly beautiful country in Africa. Whether you are interested in teaching volunteer workchildcare volunteer workconservation volunteer workconstruction volunteer workhealthcare volunteer work or sports coaching volunteer work. 

Senegal Experience
Senegal Experience

Why volunteer in Senegal?

Senegal, the westernmost country in Africa, has a population of about 15 million people. Nearly half of the Senegalese population – 46.7 percent, to be exact – are living in poverty. Geographic disparities in poverty exist between rural areas and Dakar, the capital city and largest city in Senegal. In rural areas, 66 percent of residents are considered poor compared to 23 percent of residents in Dakar. Additionally, the general poverty line in Dakar is almost two times higher than it is in rural areas.

Senegal’s economy relies on industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, fishing and tourism, but also heavily relies on foreign aid and remittances. Nearly 75 percent of the population works in the agricultural sector, which is regularly threatened by inclement weather such as drought and other climate changes.

Senegal has a poor economy and, as a result, many Senegalese people emigrate to other countries.  The fertility rate in Senegal is almost 4.5 children per woman. Young people comprise a large portion – 60 percent – of the Senegalese population. Additionally, Senegal has an illiteracy rate of 40 percent and a high unemployment rate of 12.7 percent, both of which provide dim outlooks for Senegalese youth.

Unlike many countries facing extreme poverty, Senegal has one of the most stable governments in Africa and is considered a model for democracy in Africa. Since its independence from France in 1960, Senegal has elected four presidents and has witnessed three peaceful political transitions.

You will make a long term sustainable difference, meet new friends and learn about the country and culture Volunteering in Senegal program has volunteer projects throughout the country and there is a lot of choice depending on your interests. The capital city Dakar is a great place to base yourself for the buzz of city live or for somewhere more tranquil and beautiful you might want to apply for a program in the Saint Louis.

***Go Volunteer Africa has volunteer work in Senegal that is suitable for you. There are so many ways to volunteer in Senegal and here below are some of our volunteering in Senegal opportunities.***


Senegal Community Volunteer Program

SENEGAL: Community Volunteer Program

Go Volunteer Africa provides quality, meaningful and affordable community volunteer program in Senegal. We focus on under developed and extremely poor communities of Senegal and working with disadvantaged children, youth and women, through provision of ...
Senegal Sports volunteer project

SENEGAL: Sports Volunteer Project

Senegal Sports Coaching volunteer project is one of Go Volunteer Africa’s affordable volunteer projects in Africa. These games and sports coaching volunteer projects provide offers an opportunity to volunteers to provide teach sport ethics, fitness ...
Senegal Teaching Volunteer work

SENEGAL: Teaching Volunteer Work

If you’re a native English speaker, you can get involved with English teaching volunteer work in Senegal. Go Volunteer Africa has volunteer opportunities in Senegal to work in primary, secondary and higher institutions. Gain real ...
Senegal Childcare volunteer project

SENEGAL: Childcare Volunteer Project

Sometimes, it can be difficult for volunteers to evaluate their own impact, but at our Senegal Childcare volunteer project the equations are simple. Success is measured in books read, smiles made, and games played. As ...


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