The “land of a thousand hills,” a direct translation from the French “Pays des Mille Collines,” is an apt description for the verdant country of Rwanda.

Come for the mountain gorillas, stay for humanitarian service and culture exchange!

Rwanda is the travel world’s phoenix rising. From a devastating genocide more than two decades ago, it has emerged as one of East Africa’s premier travel destinations, with a capital city transformed and world renowned national parks, which teem with birds and big game—minus the tourist hordes.

From the volcanoes, to the jungles housing a third of the world’s remaining gorillas, to the largest rain forest in Africa, Rwanda has a history of environmental conservation. Many travelers may first associate the country with the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, but a visit is often an eye-opening experience as guests discover today’s Rwanda, a peaceful land of friendly people who are highly optimistic about their country’s future.

Savvy travelers have been coming to Rwanda for years to see the country’s stunning gorillas. While Uganda and Congo also provide gorilla tours, the professionalism and ease of doing so in Rwanda make it the top destination. Unfortunately, too many visitors swoop in; see the gorillas, and then fly out—missing out on the country’s many other treasures.

Part of the disconnect has to do with the lack of attention Rwanda has received for its extraordinary progress during the past two decades and its efforts to open up new tourism destinations. But don’t let traditional tourism be the only highlight—Rwanda now has a booming and safe capital with treats of its own, along with less conventional opportunities to explore the countryside. “Doing” Rwanda in less than a week will rob you of the chance to see a country on the rise against some of the most beautiful and pristine backdrops on the continent.

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Rwanda might be known for its gorillas, but there are lots of other activities that are still off the beaten path that deserve a good look…

Go Volunteer Africa –Volunteer Travel Adventures are more than just a travel program. We provide a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution through volunteering, and then explore the local Rwandan culture and diverse environments of the country during your stay with us.

You will experience another culture like never before and really get to know its people. You will gain new perspectives and insight into the culture and yourself. A volunteer trip to Rwanda is an exciting and personally inspiring experience, and you’ll develop memories that will be with you forever.

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