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Go Volunteer Africa places volunteer travelers from different parts of the world, under several different projects in Tunisia. Volunteer in Tunisia programs are dedicated towards several social causes, such as Childcare, Teaching,  Healthcare and and more.

Also, Go Volunteer Africa offers specially designed volunteer tours in Tunisia that are short term volunteer programs which combine the fun of travelling in Tunisia with serious volunteer work in Tunisia. There are internship opportunities for pre-med, medical, physiotherapy, dental in Tunisia.

Our volunteer in Tunisia opportunities are a mix of volunteering and cultural exchange where participants get to immerse in the local culture  in by staying with the locals and working with them on different projects.

It is not easy for someone to find a worthwhile volunteering projects in Tunisia . Go Volunteer Africa is trying to bring together a variety of programs across the country, for people to help on the program of their choice.

Go Volunteer Africa connects volunteers on worthwhile projects around Tunisia. It is a win-win situation for all, the volunteers get to work on legitimate volunteer programs in Tunisia, gain valuable experience and the local communities benefit as they get volunteers to help and also gain monetarily as the funds are utilized in their communities.

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