For many, a highlight of their elevate safari is the chance to get involved locally and lend a hand. We partner with inspiring, community-based non-profits who welcome travelers to help with both social and environmental projects. We get doers like you involved effectively. Everybody wins!

Embarking on a volunteer safari allows you to experience two sides of a fascinating country – its local people and its world-renowned safari offerings. You’ll get involved with meaningful grassroots projects then unpack your binoculars for a first-class, eco-luxury safari.

We design journeys with heart that will take you inside the lives and landscapes of this continent on the rise, forever transforming you. Check off the big 5, and leave knowing you’ve made a real difference where it matters. Volunteer Travel, Vacations, and Explore Africa with the largest and leading volunteer travel organization in Africa- Go Volunteer Africa

Burundi Cultural Tour

3 Days Burundi Cultural Tour & Kibira Wildlife Safari

Burundi Cultural Tour! Explore and discover Burundi with Go Volunteer Africa. Go Volunteer Africa is the leading and largest volunteer travel organization on the African continent! Go Volunteer Africa is an award-winning volunteer travel operator ...
Book Now Travel Later

Book Now Travel Later

Go Volunteer Africa’s Book Now Travel Later program has been introduced to help you lock in your trip at a 20% discount on all our programs for 2022- 2023 across all destinations in Africa at ...
Go Safari Africa

Your African Safari interview with our Co-Founder

Your African Safari is a safari-planning and safari review site. It was created to help support a healthy African wildlife population. All reviews are vetted before being approved and only ethical tours are published It ...
Tailor made volunteer vacations

Tailor- Made Volunteer Vacations Africa

Go Volunteer Africa begun organizing Tailor made volunteer vacations just to cater for the gap between our volunteers and fixed opportunities we have. The idea behind tailor made volunteer vacations is simple but effective. We ...