Volunteers with specialized vocational skills can provide training to the youth and adults in this rural community of Kabarole district.  Almost every imaginable skill is needed here! You don’t need to be a pro or a teacher. We need people who can share their skills and experience.

  • Reading (literacy),
  • Speaking & Writing English,
  • Math & Accounting,
  • Basic Computer Skills,
  • Health education,
  • Modern Gardening & farming,
  • Small Business Management
  • Tailoring & Garment Designing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Baking
  • Construction & carpentry
  • And so many other fields.

Impact of the Work:

The majority of people in this area are based on seasonal agriculture which gives them only about a few months works in a year. After the agriculture season most people will have no job. Working just for few months is not sufficient to fulfil entire leaving expenses of their family round the year and at another side, due to limited industries and limited education background, most of the women have difficulties to find a job. Lack of job is a cause of poverty which puts them in the frustration and that may create lots of social/economical problems. So volunteers with special skills can provide these people with a second opportunity in life.

Rwenzori Mountain Villages
Rwenzori Mountain Villages

Program Availability:

This program is available throughout the year and our volunteers can stay for any length of time.  Commonly, volunteers visit for 2-4 weeks, however, many stay for 3 months and some even longer.  The longer you stay, the richer your experience will be.

As a volunteer, you will find that having at least 4 weeks to work with a group of youth and women will be helpful in getting to know them, gain their trust, and to learn and appreciate their individual needs and strengths.

More Information about the project:

Program Length: From 2 weeks to 6 months

Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 5-8 hours per day

Accommodations: Host Family

Meals: 3 meals are provided everyday

Age requirement: 18 years and above

Placement Booking Fee: USD$100

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Kabarole District is located in Western Uganda a road difference of 320 Km via Mubende  from Kampala the Capital City of  Uganda, the district has good climate, vegetation, historical sites and surrounded by Rwenzori Mountains, Semuliki and Kibale national Parks.

Rwenzori Mountains
Rwenzori Mountains

In Kabarole District, subsistence farming is the main social economic activity; main food crops include bananas, maize, cassava and ground nuts while the main cash crops include coffee and tea for those who have enough land and dairy farming is mainly practical in all parts of the district.

 Kabarole District is part of the Kingdom of Toro, one of the traditional monarchies that are constitutionally recognised in modern-day Uganda. The kingdom is coterminous with Toro sub-region.

Kabarole District was curved out of the then Toro District in 1974. Toro District by then was comprised of the Districts of Kasese and Bundibugyo. In 2000, Kabarole District was again split into three Districts of Kabarole, Kamwenge and Kyenjojo. The District is located in western Uganda and lies on the foothills of Mount Rwenzori.