Volunteer Projects in Uganda

Our development partner Beacon of Hope Uganda is looking for Volunteers wish to get involved in one of their Community Development Initiatives and the volunteer will work as part of a team dedicated to a particular project pertaining to one of their main program areas: Education, Women Empowerment, Youth Development, and Environmental Conservation.  These volunteers have the chance to interact directly with the community by preparing and coordinating workshops and activities with local counterpart organizations, community groups, government agencies, and NGOs whose goals are closely related to those of BoHU. These Volunteer projects in Uganda provide participants the unique opportunity to continuously improve program parameters and best practices.  The programs are constantly enriched by the participation and insight of volunteers with a wide range of experience and educational backgrounds.


As a participant, you will have the opportunity to try different roles and projects, dependent on your interests and skills. These volunteer projects in Uganda do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and volunteers for both short and long-term placements, are accepted all the year round. Volunteers certainly gain an amazing life experience from their participation in these volunteer projects in Uganda. On first arrival, most volunteers sample all the projects before selecting the tasks that suit them best.

The first few days of your placement will be orientation and adjusting to Ugandan life. After this initial period, your placement work will begin. The type of work you are involved with will be dependent on your interests, abilities, level of experience as well as your comfort levels.

One of the advantages of the Community project is that you are not limited to one job role and will have the opportunity to ‘sample’ other roles during your placement. To become involved in another projects simply inform a member of staff who will happily make any necessary arrangements.

Volunteer work side by side the locals’ on-going brick construction and water building projects, youth projects, healthcare outreaches and women empowerment projects in the community. Volunteers needed for manual labor jobs working alongside skilled and unskilled local workers.

Some tasks include farming, animal rearing, construction of the volunteer center, expansion, water well building and renovation work. Volunteers do not need prior experience, but skilled workers are very welcome.  This is a very hand on, hands dirty sort of program. Enthusiasm, a good sense of humor and helping spirit are required.

More Information about the project:

Program Length: From 1 week to 6 months

Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hour per day

Accommodations: Host family (Volunteers Home)

Meals: 3 meals are provided everyday

Age requirement: 18 years and above


  • Week – $200
  • Weeks -$300
  • Weeks -$400
  • Weeks -$500
  • Weeks -$700
  • Weeks -$800
  • Weeks -$900
  • Weeks -$1000

Placement Booking: $100

Airport pickup: $85

We don’t charge application fees, we screen applications first, before accepting them into our program, but once accepted, all programs attract a Placement Booking fee $100 paid in 7days of acceptance in the program

Contacts: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

Website: www.beaconofhopeug.org