Volunteer Adventures Ethiopia

Volunteer opportunities in Ethiopia offered by Go Volunteer Africa fall into some of the following main Arenas:

  • Community Development – placements might be building a school, setting up a water treatment facility, cleaning the streets or planting trees.
  • Education– teacher placement or acting as a teaching assistant in a local school or an adult education program.
  • Social Welfare – working with under-privileged children, working with a women’s co-op, or working in a hospital or orphanage.

Our volunteer opportunities in Ethiopia have a common vision of a community of Ethiopians and westerners working, sharing and connecting with each other using their gifts to serve others. We are always on the lookout for those with a heart for others and the skills to serve them.

Simultaneously we provide safe and meaningful volunteer opportunities in Ethiopia. If you think this may be you and are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer application form and send it back to us for consideration.

Anyone can help. We all have a talent, skill, or passion that can be shared with those less fortunate. And you can believe, there is no greater feeling of satisfaction and sense of appreciation than making that magical connection with someone who needs you.

Please consider volunteering your time and talents, and bring back home the most amazing, life changing experience you will ever have.

Volunteers work with Go Volunteer Africa’s local partner in and around the city of Addis Ababa. Our partner is dedicated to alleviating poverty and ignorance, and improves the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and disadvantaged peoples through a variety of educational projects and vocational opportunities.

Travel with purpose! Go Volunteer Africa allows you to experience a country in a different manner than any other travel opportunity. Go Volunteer Africa provides a fun adventure packed with rich ingredients that will not only make you feel good, but will improve the lives of others.

Volunteering in Africa with Go Volunteer Africa provides real work experience that will build skills and offer something substantial to employers. It might even change your life! Build an international social and job network like no other: Meet other volunteers, and work with local citizens and professionals also striving to make beneficial improvements to their communities.


For more information on volunteer program in Ethiopia

E-mail: info@govolunteerafrica.org

Website: http://govolunteerafrica.org/volunteer-application-form/