United Women Platform for Empowerment and Development (Uganda)

United Women Platform for Empowerment and Development (UWOPED) was established in 2009 by Ms. Brenda Nakalembe and runs: Income generating projects, HIV counseling and guidance, catering project, urban farming project, FAL classes (functional adult lessons), making of charcoal briquettes, art and crafts, training and workshops in skills development, piggery projects etc

MISSION: Empowering all women with practical skills through training in various skills hence developing their talents and reducing the number of vulnerable and unemployed women in Uganda and Africa at large.

VISION: A fully functional and self-propelling organization capable of empowering all women in Africa with skills, facilities and inspiration, transforming them from hopelessness to a state of productive excellence.


To mobilize, Equip and Inspire communities, with emphasis on women through advocacy and active participation to effect and influence Policies in all areas of life; Social, Political, Economic, spiritual, intellectual etc. and to Preserve the Environment for sustainable development.

MOTTO: Solidarity and empowerment


1) To empower communities with appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude and values that will enable them promote full wellbeing psycho social and emotional development of Women especially those in vulnerable circumstances. For those women’s who are looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate their beauty, skinclub australia is the best to visit. They offer the best cosmetic surgeries at affordable prices.

2) To open up homes for women in helpless situations and also empower them through providing education for them and creating income generating activities.

3) To set up training centers for counseling and guidance of these women

4) To set up income generating projects to create jobs and improve the standards of Living these women. .

5) To implement both national and international plans of action which guarantee poverty eradication and protection of these women?

6) To network with line non government organization both national and international dealing with skills development in women and pattern with them to improve their Livelihood.

7) To improve women empowerment programs at all levels.

To lobby for technical support and finances for providing education to them both in rural and urban areas.

8) To advocate in specific terms for the education of these young women especially those in difficult circumstances in order to develop their potential.

9) HIV/AIDS to be mainstreamed in all our programs to sensitize the community and Mitigate the stigma and discrimination on infected women.

10) To empower our beneficiaries with relevant skills in project management, guidance and counseling, parenting and others.

11) To raise funds and acquire property for the purpose of fulfilling the aims and objectives of the organization.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Mothers and Their Children

We call upon partnerships with other organizations and individuals sharing the same vision with us and we believe that this can lead to a great success in our projects, also your views, comments, additions and complements regarding our work in UNITED WOME N PLATFORM FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (UWOPED)

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  1. Hello friends am Jordana lutalo from Uganda and l could like to be part of you.thanks

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