We challenge and inspire volunteers from around the world to work with communities living in poverty. Volunteer develop and work on Sustainable  Community Development Projects that focus on economic and food sustainability alongside the locals. This program is a great way for the volunteer to develop work skills. The program allows the volunteer to make a real contribution to genuine development projects benefiting and involving the local community.

Volunteers in Uganda play a significant role in the implementation of a truly people-centered development model in the community. Volunteer in Uganda on one of our Sustainable  Community Development Projects in Uganda and get the chance to fully immerse yourself in a new culture within communities that need your help. Through our Uganda Adventure Trips and Volunteer Vacations we help to facilitate sustainable development for disadvantaged, marginalized, and poorly educated members of society by utilizing local resources and by providing them with the education and skills they need to empower themselves to be self- sufficient.

Sustainable  Community Development Projects
Sustainable  Community Development Projects

Volunteering in Uganda in a sustainable community development project is a great way to develop work skills and/or practice a new language.  The best volunteer opportunities offered by Go Volunteer Africa allow you to make a real contribution to genuine development projects benefiting and involving the local community.  True development is generated by and with local people, not implemented on them from outside.

Our volunteer opportunities in Uganda are quite different from many organizations with their glossy brochures.  We don’t offer packaged ‘volunteer service experiences’ on stage-managed projects.  Our projects and people are the real thing.  We often face delays and things don’t always go right the first time, but our volunteers are participating in authentic grassroots development and learning the skills to succeed in the real world.

More Information about the project:

Program Length: From 2 weeks to 6 months

Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 5-8 hours per day

Accommodations: Host Family or Volunteer House

Meals: 3 meals are provided everyday

Age requirement: 18 years and above

Placement Booking/Confirmation Fee: USD$100

Costs: USD

  • 1 Week – $100
  • 2 Weeks -$200
  • 3 Weeks -$300
  • 4 Weeks -$400
  • 5 Weeks -$500
  • 6 Weeks -$600
  • 7 Weeks -$700
  • 8 Weeks -$800

Any additional extra week – $100

Airport pickup – USD$ 50