Volunteer in Kabale

Go Volunteer Africa provides meaningful volunteer opportunities in Kabale, Uganda. You can join our 8 weeks top volunteer projects special in Kabale. The program gives you 40 days of volunteering with children combined with the weekend travels.

Volunteer in Kabale, Uganda as a School teaching Assistant or Childcare volunteer. This volunteer program allows to work directly with young orphan children in Uganda


Volunteer Projects in Kabale:

If you are one of those who love spending time with children, then you’ll definitely enjoy being a part of the top volunteer projects in Kabale, Uganda offered by Go Volunteer Africa. As a volunteer in Kabale with Go Volunteer Africa, your time will be a worthwhile and rewarding experience for both you, and the children served as well as the entire community.

These top volunteer projects in Kabale are for those interested in childcare and teaching volunteering in Africa. This is a fantastic way for both experienced and inexperienced volunteers to make a meaningful contribution in rural communities of Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa works hard each day to improve the lives of young people living on the margins in Africa. Volunteer placements organized by Go Volunteer Africa are meaningful and offers a deeply rewarding experience.

Volunteering with children is not only fun, but it offers a chance to develop self-confidence, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of another culture and make new friends that will last a life time.

Time and Schedule:

Program Length: From 4 to 12 weeks

Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hour per day

Accommodations:  Local Host Family

Meals: Yes, 3 meals a day

Requirements: 18 years or older, an open mind to new adventures.

Introduction to Kabale District:

Kabale District is a district in the Western Region of Uganda. Kabale District is bordered by Rukungiri District to the north, Ntungamo District to the north-east, Rwanda to the east and south, Kisoro District to the west, and Kanungu District to the north-west. Kabale is approximately 420 kilometres (260 mi), by road, south-west of Kampala, the capital of Uganda.


The national census in 2012 estimated the population at at 498,300.

Kabale Town is located just 10Km from Katuna the border with Rwanda.

Economic activities:

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Kabale district.

Tourist attractions:

This beautiful area is wrapped up with cultivated terraces and rolling hills, forest and lakes, thus has a distinctive character. Popularly known as the Switzerland of East Africa in some books and magazines, Kabale is one of the highest towns in Uganda at 2000m above sea level, with pretty cool temperatures at nights falling up to 10°C (50°F). Average monthly temperatures are around 18 °C (64 °F).

Kabale is a popular gateway to gorilla tracking trips at Bwindi & Mgahinga gorilla National Parks.

It is one of the best destinations in Uganda to explore superb mountain hiking.

Kabale is a gateway to Lake Bunyonyi (Africa’s second deepest lake), one of perfect relaxation spots in southwestern Uganda.

The Virunga Mountains which lie along the Rwanda-Dem Rep of Congo border are visible from the town Kabale

Ihamba Hot Springs situated on Kabale-Katuna Road, 8km, south of Kabale town. These springs are popularly known to local residents for healing joint pains and illnesses.