Uganda Sustainable Development Volunteering

Our sustainable community development volunteer in Uganda program allows the volunteer to make a real contribution to genuine development projects benefiting and involving the local community. As a volunteer on our sustainable community development project, you play a significant role in the implementation of a truly people-centered development model in the community.


Go Volunteer Africa places volunteers with a number of sustainable community development projects that provide economic support, education, capacity building for rural people in Uganda.

Each of our Sustainable  Community Development Volunteer in Uganda program placement provides a totally different experience, but main activities involve working with local children, youth, women and elderly.

As far as sustainable community development volunteering activities are concerned you’ll have to decide just what you’re into. We have projects that provide health care, HIV/AIDS prevention and AIDS care, counseling, youth mentoring, women’s rights education, and small business development. Let us know and we’ll figure out a good placement for your skills and interests.

We utilize local resources and by provide the locals with the education and skills they need to empower themselves to be self- sufficient.  A sustainable community development placement is appropriate for you if you have great ideas and a seriously flexible nature.