6-12 Weeks Teaching Volunteer Work in Rwanda

Go Volunteer Africa works with six schools in Rwanda. A volunteer in Rwanda can choose between teaching in elementary schools or in secondary school. The schools have very basic facilities and the main resources you will have in your classroom are a blackboard and a piece of chalk.


Despite this, the enthusiasm of the children and the appreciation of your colleagues are sure to make volunteer teaching in Rwanda a highly rewarding experience!

Local teachers are often very capable at providing their students with a good structural knowledge of English, including grammar and vocabulary, but having had little conversational English practice themselves, they often lack the confidence to get the children speaking English.

We have other volunteer teaching assignments in Rwanda, were a volunteer can teach geography, mathematics, physical education and history at community schools in Rwanda as a volunteer.

Your daily activities will include but not limited to assisting local English teachers with the curriculum, one to one teaching with students, providing support for extracurricular activities, and playing sports with the children in a local school.

Teach English to children who are very enthusiastic to learn from international volunteers while immersing in Rwandese culture and widening your perspective on the world.