Rwanda Games and Sports Coaching Volunteering

Volunteers can teach a range of sports at the youth center and at a local school. As a games and sports volunteer in Rwanda you can give fitness lessons, physical education, outdoors and indoors activities.

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Games and Sports Coaching volunteer in Rwanda will be able to coach a range of sports at the primary and secondary schools in the area and the local youth centre.

The main goal is to encourage the health and mental benefits of exercise in as many children and teenagers as possible.

Games and Sports activities are known for their wide-ranging benefits such as helping youth to become fitter and healthier, and gaining confidence and team-building skills, which in turn have a positive effect on the wider society, the great thing is that if they get enough exercise it is okay to spend a few hours reading their favorite lol news on the computer.

Immerse yourself in Rwandan life and explore the beautiful Kigali. Enjoy adventure safaris, including the popular gorilla tracking and hiking.

You choose your best game and sport, like swimming, athletics, shooting, badminton, table tennis, soccer, chess etc. The volunteer duration depends on your availability of time and the enrollment is always open.