Mothers’ Initiatives Africa

Mothers’ Initiatives Africa (MIA) was initiated in 2012, its a grassroots Organization that is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Reg. No. 194140) under the laws of Uganda. Its’ offices are located in Mbale Municipal Council, Kumi –Road. The organization currently comprises of 60 vulnerable women. The organization is aiming at empowering single as well as mothers and their families in order to liberate them moral, financial, emotional, health wise and psychological distress.


When you are pregnant at a young age you will probably experience a wide range of emotions, from being shocked, depressed and disappointed to constantly worrying about your future.

Teenage pregnancy and being a single mother is a serious social problem in Uganda. While many of these pregnancies end in abortion or adoption, teen girls who do decide to keep their babies face many challenges.

Being a parent at a very young age or becoming a single mother may really affect and destroy your future. In Mbale- Uganda, Sarah and Catherine, were inspired to start a project that will empower and equip young and single mothers with skills and  startup kits in form of soft loans to start a new life.

Mothers’ Initiatives Africa (MIA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by Sarah Nambudye and Catherine Ajambo.  MIA is based in Mbale district, Eastern part of Uganda. Mothers’ Initiatives Africa empowers women and the girl child with ideas and skills to liberate them in areas that are most important and vital in their lives. These include maternal and reproductive healthcare, psychosocial support, legal assistance, economic/entrepreneurship growth, maternal and infant mortality all this to curb infant mortality rate, abandoned children, abortions and the rate of school dropout.

Mothers’ Initiatives Africa is dedicated in all round empowerment of vulnerable women through skills development, education, health and social services for single mothers, young women and their families through their community based programs and strategic partnerships which will help them attain financial independence.


A sustainable future for single and young mothers in Uganda


Mothers’ Initiatives’ Africa has nine principles that guide them to fulfill their objectives;

  • Equity – targeting single and young mothers with special needs
  • Effectiveness- offer services and programs that have proven benefits and follow the client centered focus of integrated care.
  • Relevance – address issues of significance to single and young mothers.
  • Appropriateness – services delivered with sensitivity to a diverse client base of single and young mothers.
  • Commitment and passion
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Human development and investment
  • Excellent communication


  • Started up a village savings and loans association (VSLA) that has been a great success in helping the women save and get access to loans that have boosted their businesses. (e.g: charcoal, groceries, vegetables in the market, selling second hand clothes, art and craft, food vending and selling chapatti. Mothers’ Initiatives Africa plans to engage women in building sustainable skills like hairdressing, tailoring, mushroom growing and making of reusable sanitary pads as well as financial literacy.)


Mothers’ Initiatives Africa in partnership with Go Volunteer Africa, will continue to empower women and young mothers with skills in business management, business planning and saving, marketing and improved farming methods and child development.

Go Volunteer Africa volunteers and missionaries will empower Mothers’ Initiatives Africa women to fight against the issues affecting them every day including poverty, low literacy rates, dependency, and limited access to education.

Our volunteers will work with Mothers’ Initiatives Africa to help women in a variety of ways, from teaching vocational and language skills to offering micro-credit loans to educating about proper hygiene to providing a safe shelter for abused women and their children and more.

Go Volunteer Africa volunteers’ presence can help in a variety of ways whether they are sharing skills and information, collaborating on ongoing income-generating projects, exchanging ideas, teaching basic English, helping with small businesses, caring for the women’s children while they go on errands, or being a positive role model.