2-3 Weeks Kenya Games & Sports Volunteering

You can teach a new sport or add skills to the sports activities our children and youth already know. You can participate in fitness and training of sports for children and youth and you can combine it with another project, like mentoring for slum or village youth.

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Volunteers contributing to games and sports coaching Kenya program will plan and lead practices of understanding the sport or the game. Working in the heart of the community you can help put a smile on the faces of the children and youth of Kenya.

Games, Sports and Recreation Program collaborates with local communities to promote healthy lifestyles amongst local children/youth through teaching basic skills and tactics of football (soccer) and volleyball, netball, skating and so many other sports.

Given the lack of adequate recreational opportunities available to youth in the villages, slums and semi-urban areas, our programs seek to provide at-risk children and youth with a safe environment where they can practice these activities in order to make productive use of free time.

In addition, we emphasize important core values like mutual respect, trust, fair-play and self-esteem as well as sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.