Hope Children’s Foundation | Volunteer in Uganda

Hope Children’s Foundation is a private and non-profit organisation that was incepted in 1999 with intent to address diversified social-economic issues among children, the youth, families and communities in Uganda. We are dully registered under the Government of Uganda.


The Hope Children’s Foundation is a private non-profit organization operating in Wakiso District, Uganda. It was established in 1999 by civil engineer Mr. Kayemba Kalema, who was touched by the suffering children in his community. The foundation aims to reach marginalized children and youths such as orphans, school drop outs and members of very poor families. Today it brings together over 80 children from the outskirt villages of Kampala to provide them with the basics of life; education, shelter, food, clothing and health care.

Our objectives include “increasing the ability of vulnerable children to access quality education, food, medical and a roof overhead at relatively affordable expenses”; “increasing self-employment opportunities among the vulnerable youth.

We have been operating a home for vulnerable children known as “Hope Children’s Foundation”, through which we have been assisting several children, some of whom were abandoned and rescued from the dust-bins and streets of Uganda. We started with 3 orphans in 1999, and now we have a total of 218 children, of whom 80 are total orphans. Among other pressing issues, we are faced with the problem of a roof overhead of these vulnerable children.

Hope children’s foundation has 3 projects
1. Kigoma Adventist primary school which takes orphans and vulnerable children, they are 218 in number.
2. Mustered seed primary, 50 children now,this is for very low earners in the community for their children to access education
3. Needy net vocational school for vulnerable youth and women to again skills to sustain them selves.

Hope Children’s Foundation; currently educates children from Nursery to Primary, with a short term goal of completing additional classrooms building and acquiring more teachers for Nursery and Primary level at Exodus Junior School located at Kiteredde Bombo and K-frema school located at Namusera Wakiso District, with the purpose of boosting formal and high quality education for children.

                                                                                                          Core Values

Below is  a list of Hope Children’s Foundation core values that all members of the organizations use, live by and demonstrate on a daily basis while executing their responsibilities.

  • Upholding the fundamental rights and freedom of children
  • Integrity :  We have a sense of integrity in which we ensure consistency in our actions , values , methods , measures, principles , expectations and their outcome.
  • Accountability : We ensure the responsibility of our actions.
  • Equity : We ensure fairness in all works we do especially concerning the children we care to.
  • Impartiality : Our approach to children logistics is of a universal nature.
  • Honesty : We ensure truthfulness in all that we take on or intend to do. Our implementation strategy is based on trustworthiness.

​                                                                                          ​​​BACKGROUND
Poverty can have a devastating effect on a parent’s  ability to manage and provide appropriate care for their children.  Failure to support children and youth during the most vulnerable time of  their life directly impacts their quality of life both directly and  indirectly.   Hope Children’s foundation serves close to 200 children  and youth and a great number of its cases involve families living in  poverty.
The increasing number of deaths in Sub Saharan Africa due to    war situations, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, has given birth to an increasing  number of orphans and the rise of child headed homesteads.