Hope Children’s Foundation

Hope Children’s Foundation is a non-profit, non- government organization that reaches out to marginalized and vulnerable children and youths in Wakiso district, Uganda.

You can now volunteer in Uganda with Hope Children’s Foundation through the largest and Africa’s Leading volunteer & travel organization – Go Volunteer Africa.


Go Volunteer Africa recruits and places developmental volunteers with Hope Children’s Foundation in Wakiso district, Uganda. This volunteer in Uganda program is full of meaningful, life changing opportunities and great experience.

Hope Children’s Foundation was established in 1999 with aims to reach out to marginalized children and youths such as orphans, school drop outs and members of very poor families by providing them with the basics of life; education, shelter, food, clothing and health care.

The main objective of Hope Childrens Foundation is to increase the ability of vulnerable children to access quality education, food, medical and shelter and increasing self-employment opportunities among the vulnerable youth.

As a volunteer in Uganda at Hope Children’s Foundation with Go Volunteer Africa you will:

  • Gain new perspectives and insight into another culture and yourself.
  • Experience another culture and country at a deep and personal level from the inside out.
  • Gain hands-on experience that will distinguish you on professional level for career development.
  • Make a positive impact on the community in the areas of education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services.

Volunteer Activities:

Go Volunteer Africa’s objective in working with Hope Children’s Foundation is to contribute towards sustainable measures that will increase accessibility to education, food, medical, clothing and shelter for vulnerable children and youths.

As the largest and leading volunteer & travel organization in Africa, our goal is to help people gain the life changing, life affirming experiences that volunteering in Africa can give.

  • You can volunteer as a Children’s caretaker at Exodus Junior School (run by Hope Children’s Foundation)
  • You can volunteer as teaching assistant in the class
  • You can volunteer as an English, Math or Geography teacher
  • You can coach sports and games
  • You can train dance and drama
  • Get involved in women and youth empowering projects
  • Bring your innovation on table and help youth or women set up a sustainable project
  • Get your hands dirty by getting involved in classroom constructions
  • You can get involved with Agriculture/ Farming projects at school and community.
  • Help the administration with book keeping, social media, fundraising and so many other ways.

Go Volunteer Africa will match your skill with the exact community need at Hope Childrens Foundation, ensuring productivity and positive impact making.

Whether your skills are in gardening, marketing, office administration or teaching, rest assured you will be useful and productive at Hope Children’s Foundation.

Volunteering at Hope Children’s Foundation will require the volunteer to be utterly flexible and open-minded and to arrive with a positive attitude and willingness to jump in where needed.

Many volunteer openings are combined positions, meaning that you will be asked to fulfill more than one position, depending on your abilities and schedule.

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