Elderly Foundation Uganda

Elderly Foundation Uganda is a community based organization that supports vulnerable older persons and their dependents in Rakai district.

Go Volunteer Africa provides a range of ways to volunteer in Uganda with seniors at Elderly Foundation Uganda from elderly care to sharing a meal and medical support.


Elderly persons have specific needs which make them more vulnerable than others persons in the society. Their lack of mobility, weakened vision and chronic illnesses can make access to support difficult.

Elderly Foundation Uganda -put smiles on the faces of lonely, isolated, elderly while reconnecting them with the local community through a number of social service projects and programs.

The elderly people are in need of special care, kindness and sympathy. A kind word, showing compassion, understanding, support and true care – all this inspires them and gives energy and hope for their sustainable well-being.

Elderly Foundation Uganda relies on dedicated volunteers from Go Volunteer Africa to help older persons and their dependents through provision of clothing, blankets, beddings, hygiene items, food home delivery, medical attention – these are the services that we render on the ongoing basis to support the aged people in need.

Elderly Foundation Uganda Activities:

  • Provision of basic social services to elderly and their dependents.
  • Provision of basic needs to the elderly.
  • Provision of emergency medical services to older persons.
  • Advocate for safety and protection of older persons
  • Creation of income generating projects for able bodied older persons.

Elderly Foundation Uganda has a  mission to effectively contribute to the well being and empowerment of older persons, and their dependents so that they can effectively participate and benefit from development initiatives.

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer in Uganda program, offers vast variety of opportunities at Elderly Foundation Uganda. You can join the program, as an individual, as a group or even choose to volunteer in Uganda at Elderly Foundation Uganda with your family.

The older persons have lived the history we learned about in school — and we should all support them.