Divine Favor Ministries Uganda

Divine Favor Ministries Uganda (DIFAMU) is a community based development organization based in Uganda, Rakai district. Divine Favor Ministries Uganda projects aspire to creating sustainable change in communities through various programs.

Go Volunteer Africa has plenty of volunteer opportunities in Uganda at Divine Favour Ministries Uganda ranging from Teaching, Healthcare, Childcare and Environment conservation. Please let us know your skills and interests and we shall place you in the right program.


Divine Favor Ministries Uganda was established in 2002 to respond to the vast social problems of the most under-resourced and remote areas of Rakai District, Uganda.

Divine Favour Ministries Uganda runs a primary school and vocational training centre in Rakai District. With limited staff, resources and facilities, Divine Favor Ministries Uganda is struggling to provide care, love and support to these lovely children.

Go Volunteer Africa through volunteer in Uganda program, its  is able to provide Divine Favor Ministries Uganda with support and help through international volunteers. Volunteers usually help in refurbishing existing buildings, improving facilities, teaching Basic English, drawing, drama, conducting games etc.

Divine Favor Ministries Uganda has a vision of developed communities with self -sustaining families with exemplary leaders.

Divine Favor Ministries Uganda Activities:

  • Vocational skills training to yout
  • Lobbying and mobilization of resources to support elderly
  • Provision of free and affordable education to needy children
  • Academic sponsorship for needy children
  • Fostering community development through sustainable development projects
  • Women Empowerment Projects
  • Sensitize communities on domestic violence

At Divine Favor Ministries Uganda you are typically greeted with big hugs, toothless smiles and children curious to touch and get your attention. These children are here due to poverty, disabilities, and homelessness and also as the only way to attend school.

You can make a lasting difference in these young lives with Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer in Uganda program. You can care for children in many ways. Often no special skills are required, as volunteers are needed to spend time playing, reading, exercising and share time with the children.