2 Weeks Summer Volunteering in Rwanda 2018

Embrace the extraordinary culture with this incredible 2 weeks summer volunteering in Rwanda experience. Go Volunteer Africa’ summer volunteering in Rwanda allows volunteers to be part of meaningful humanitarian projects in Kigali and surrounding areas.


This summer 2018, get involved in a mix of conservation, childcare, teaching, youth work and women empowerment projects that will give you a well-rounded and exciting volunteering opportunity in Rwanda.

If you want a rewarding, meaningful volunteer travel experience, join our 2 weeks summer volunteering in Rwanda. Your contribution will add value to many lives and you will explore new cultures along the way.

The 2 weeks summer volunteering in Rwanda will change the way think, change the way you view the world, and provide you with new skills for life.

Rwanda is a land with a very rich cultural heritage, not all of it positive, and a visit to Rwanda will always include ‘limited’ exposure to the terrible events of the 1994 genocide (whether visiting the museum in Kigali or hearing about events from your guide or Program Coordinators).

Rwanda also has the highest population density in sub-Sahara Africa: 11 million people call Rwanda home. Yet one certainly does not feel as though Rwanda is an overcrowded place.

Tourism is a huge industry in Rwanda, with travelers flocking to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and wildlife. The highlight of a Rwanda visit is safari to seeing the incredible mountain gorillas, on the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes, just a few hours drive north of Kigali.