Our History

Go Volunteer Africa was founded in 2009 (as Hope Development Volunteers) and its part of the volunteer-travel and hospitality network of Beacon of Hope Uganda Ltd. BoHU-Group is Africa’s largest volunteer travel, tourism and hospitality network with a number of brands and products.


Those involved with running projects and other voluntary organizations know how difficult it is to obtain sufficient resources to undertake their work.  This includes resources of all kinds: funding, human resources, materials etc.


Thousands of people are anxious to donate their time and abilities but become frustrated because they don’t know where their talents are needed. At the same time, hundreds of African non-profit organizations are seeking competent volunteers to enable them to carry on their very important work.

Go Volunteer Africa works in cooperation with grass-roots organizations in Africa. We support these organizations through recruitment of volunteers and grants to support their work and help increase their capacity. The organizations Go Volunteer Africa works with in Africa were established and are run by native residents. They existed prior to our involvement with them and run completely without interference from Go Volunteer Africa. Their main purpose is to support their local community: mainly children, youth and vulnerable adults.


The volunteer programs which Go Volunteer Africa promotes are owned and run by our partners. Even though Go Volunteer Africa often offers advice and support to our partners when setting up their volunteer program, the partner organization determines what the program consists of: content, finance and practical matters are all decided upon by the partner, before Go Volunteer Africa begins promoting the program to potential volunteers.


Over the years since we formed, we have grown to incorporate new services to respond to the needs of our partners in Africa. We also offer accommodation reservations including hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, apartments, vacation rentals and other properties. We also offer reservations for rental cars, airline tickets, vacation packages and cruises.