Go Volunteer Africa was founded in 2009 (as Hope Development Volunteers) by Isaac and Annabel. Isaac had previously gained experience in managing and recruiting international volunteers for his projects under Beacon of Hope Uganda, a community development organization, he started in 2006. Anna was a volunteer with Beacon of Hope Uganda.

The two thought, they could put a group of people or even individuals every month of the year and bring them to Africa and share the culture and Africa’s interesting sites and in return the participants share their skills and experiences with host communities and HDV was born.

In 2011, Joe and Jeffrey joined the team and the name was changed from Hope Development Volunteers to Go Volunteer Africa and currently GVA is part of the volunteer-travel network of Go Travel Inc. and a tour and travel company Beacon of Hope Uganda Ltd.

Go Volunteer Africa is as a social enterprise.  This means that we are a business with primarily social objectives, whose surplus profits are mostly reinvested into various social causes. We operate in a manner that maximizes the amount invested in our projects while carrying out the necessary operations of a sustainable venture.

One of the differences between a charity and a social enterprise is that charities most often fund their missions through grants and donations, where a social enterprise funds the social mission through trading activities. We charge reasonable fees for most our services including consultancy, trips, tour packages, volunteer travel packages and all the other services we trade.

Since 2009, Go Volunteer Africa has catered to 5,750 volunteers and the popularity of the program is evident as we have had lot of returning volunteers every year. Some of our participants have volunteered with us in two to four countries. It is a great way to travel and experience life with locals.

We take pride in the fact that we are going strong, competing neck to neck with international competitors.

Our team is actively working towards expanding our reach to new countries in Africa, offering more program choices, and having a fully operational office abroad