Meaningful Community Development Volunteer Projects In Africa

Community Development Volunteer Projects
Community Development Volunteer Projects

Community Development volunteer projects in Africa connect volunteers with the most pressing needs of their host communities. Volunteers work with Go Volunteer Africa local teams that support marginalized groups and promote social justice and economic development. These projects provide an unparalleled opportunity for volunteers to make a difference and help communities in Africa realize their full potential.

Volunteer in Africa on Healthcare Projects:

As part of our community development volunteer projects, Go Volunteer Africa’s teams in Africa sets out to the rural communities for 4-5 days a week to organize health workshops. Go Volunteer Africa aims to fight the deadly epidemic diseases by educating the communities and specially the senior community about awareness and prevention.

Drawing from the education seminars and resources from the Ministries of Health in the host countries, this objective is achieved through the use of workshops, seminars, camps, and Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT) programs, topics range from Malaria control, family planning, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy control, and other deadly diseases. This program is aimed for a doctor, nurse, doctor of nursing and those who aim at contributing to help a community in need.

Health Projects in Africa: Knowledgeable and able-bodied volunteers are in great demand. Help assist doctors with several health-related activities, opportunities are available all year around in Africa.

HIV/AIDS Awareness in Africa: Interested in helping to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has ravaged Africa’s continent? Help create hope among the sick in Africa and to assure them that they can live productive lives.

Volunteer in Africa on Community Sanitation Projects:

Go Volunteer Africa engage into programs and projects which improve on the sanitation of people in Africa and this include clearing of drinking wells, building of dry racks and the digging of latrines as well as education of healthy living practices. Join the team and help in improving the poor communities.

Volunteer in Africa on Teaching Volunteer program:

The main focus is providing education to hundreds of children in poor communities in Africa. Many schools provide English, French, Math, health lessons to children 3yrs-17yrs old. The schools provide not only needed education but opportunities for sports activities, health talks, feeding centers and meeting places for the community.

With our teaching volunteer program in Africa, we allow you to discover the wonders of Africa, while doing meaningful and rewarding community work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in Africa and rural schools, live and work amongst the locals and realize one person can make a difference.

Teaching experience is not required. You can begin as a teaching assistant and then work in small groups with children in need of extra attention. The objective of this program is to contribute to the academic development of the school in order to provide the best opportunity for the orphans to receive quality education. Volunteers support the local teachers; encourage students to learn and play and instill pride in their schooling.

Volunteer in Africa on a Community Development Projects:

You will have the opportunity to try different roles and projects, dependent on your interests and skills. These volunteer opportunities do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and we accept volunteers for both short and long-term placements, all the year round. Volunteers certainly gain an amazing life experience from their participation in our placement program. On first arrival, most volunteers sample all the projects before selecting the tasks that suit them best.

You just have to let us know where you want to go and we will take you there and information is available for you. The type of work you are involved with will be dependent on your interests, abilities, level of experience as well as your comfort levels.

One of the advantages of the Community project is that you are not limited to one job role and will have the opportunity to ‘sample’ other roles during your placement. To become involved in another projects simply inform a member of staff who will happily make any necessary arrangements.

Volunteer Work in Africa in an Orphanage:

As a volunteer you perform a variety of much-needed services such as teaching Basic English, Math and offering care and support to HIV/AIDS infected or hunger-stricken children in Africa.

Other volunteer Projects in Africa:

Go Volunteer Africa has volunteer projects in various fields and a wide range of opportunities is available to developmental volunteers who want make a difference in the lives of people in Africa.

Volunteer Projects include: Community work, HIV/AIDS, Medical work, Sports Coaching, Teaching & Education, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Research, Expeditions, Corporate Volunteering, University Volunteering, Family Volunteering, Tailor-made opportunities for individuals and groups.

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