You will always want to meet and learn from different cultures? You a have a home which is welcoming? Is culture exchange your passion?

Then why not become part of our global community of host families in Africa ?! Some of our host families can also organize volunteer placements for the volunteers and tourists.

This is a form of a culture exchange and tourism that allows a visitor and host to learn from each other and to better understand lifestyles of each other.  Hosting a visitor allows the  family to earn some friends and also to get connections away from home.

Host Families in Africa
Host Families in Africa

The main purpose of homestay is not just to provide a place to stay but to create an enriching learning experience for both the visitor and the host family.

It’s easy to get registered and partner with us as a host family. You must be living in your home during the guest’s stay, and be available to spend a little time with them, to make it a truly authentic and unique travel experience for them with a local.

Just contact us, give us details about your family, we pay a visit to verify and then we start sending visitors to your family.