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Top Go Volunteer Malawi Opportunities

Go Volunteer Africa offers tons of different volunteer Malawi opportunities in Blantyre. Whether you would like to get involved in sustainable grassroots development projects, teaching placements, medical volunteering, youth empowerment or just childcare placements in Malawi, [Read More]

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Volunteer in Malawi

Malawi- The Warm Heart of Africa! Go Volunteer Africa welcomes you to the legendary warm heart of Africa- Malawi. Thinking about going on volunteer holiday or safari in Africa? – Malawi should be the answer! [Read More]

Popular Adventure Trips

Volunteer in Blantyre, Malawi

Blantyre is, in many ways, the unofficial capital of the country, and offers a greater choice of Malawian experience  than any other Malawi city. From green initiatives to excellent music and forgotten architecture, the city [Read More]

Social Work

Malawi Community Volunteer Projects

Go Volunteer Africa’s Community development volunteer projects in Malawi are diverse and each brings a unique, exciting experience. The overall aim of the Malawi volunteer program is one of improving the community infrastructure, encouraging sustainable [Read More]